Monday, May 28, 2012

Junior Journalists reporting

Jillana Hammond

Jillanna Hammond, Junior Journalist

On May 26, 2012 at Kootenai Brown Museum it was "Kid's Discovery Day".  Toni Lucas and Joe Stockinger were some of the group leaders. Toni was teaching the children how to become interpreters for the museum. The children that were participating in this activity were Jocylen, Trevor and Aidan.  Joe's group  was learning how to fold balloons and how to do certain magic tricks. James Van Leeuwen was also attending Discovery Day. James volunteers as President for the Chamber of Commerce.  He is also a consultant. According to James he is a very goood guitar player and singer.

Caleb Evans
Saturday May 26, 2012, Junior Journalist Caleb Evans, age 9 reporting:

I was in the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village where I found some antique cars.
There was a 1929 Ford model which won a Pincher Creek parade & rodeo ribbon.
There was another old antique car which was also very similar to the 1929 antique.
So if you're interested in antique cars come to the Kootenai Brown Museum.
I'm Caleb Evans, age 9 junior journalist reporting.

Teresca Giesbrecht
Teresca Giesbrecht, Junior Journalist

Rabbits were in their cages when we tried to interview them. They ran to the top because they were scared.  I was at the rabbit cage.  The ducks were were tired and they were laying down.  The chickens were wild.

Erica Nemeth

Erica Nemeth, Junior Journalist

Today I went to Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village and Chris Davis told me to go interview the animals so I went.  Rabbits are so scared. We tried to interview them but the ran away.  I have seven bunnies of my own.

Annie Van Leeuwen

Annie Van Leeuwen with Jenna Rouleau, Brandon Hayward, and Laura Parisis. Junior Journalists

Elizabeth Conley, President of the Pincher Creek Minor Baseball Club, said their bottle drive was a success, but the had not added up all the bottles.  The baseball club was having a skills competition.

Editor's note:  The Junior Journalists did a great job, particularly given the limited amount of time they had to gather and file their reports, and I thank them for their efforts.  Some reports were filed on video only, which you can see the results of below.   Unfortunately, I did not get profile photos of everyone, my apologies to those that got missed.  One of the lessons of the day was about the need for accuracy and correcting errors.  If I made any misteaks, please let me know at or in the comments section below this story.   We welcome and encourage you to be part of our community coverage in the future. 


  1. A great start on the journey towards future writers and artists. Congratulations to all the junior journalists, and for Chris Davis the Editor of The Pincher Creek Voice, in providing the opportunity and vehicle for people of all ages to participate in their local community on the road to the larger world community wherein we all reside. These steps in the recognition of junior journalists help build community wherever they may be. May all the junior journalists make great strides in providing the information and viewpoints journalists have been providing to readers over the centuries.

  2. Myra3/6/12

    My daughter absolutely LOVED being a junior jounalist! Your encouragement and patience was very much appreciated. (and I loved that you spelled her name correctly)


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