Monday, May 28, 2012

Kids Discovery Day at the museum

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Kids at Papa Joe's station
T. Lucas photo
Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village was one of the businesses that worked with the Chamber of Commerce, hosting the site of the first Kids Discovery Day.  Area youngsters given the chance to discover more about the businesses of Pincher Creek with hands on projects.

Inside the doors of Pioneer Place staff and volunteers set up places for Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, Courtney Potts of Mountain Radio, Chris Davis of The Pincher Creek Voice, and clown and balloon-animal-specialist Papa Joe.  Chamber of Commerce staff member Dylon Barber showed how to make a solar oven, volunteers helped kids with the sidewalk chalk contest, and Parent Link's Ann Grover worked tirelessly to help with crafts, registration and set up their Bouncy Castle to help keep the kids entertained.

Dylon Barber
T. Lucas photo
Each business hosted the kids and let them have some hands on work experience during their 45 minute visit.

Papa Joe showed the children that being a clown is not all fun and games.  Well, maybe it is when he shows everyone how much fun he has entertaining and doing magic tricks.  Everyone that went to his station walked away with a balloon animal and a bit of a better understanding of what it takes to make them.

Mountain Radio's Courtney Potts with her Discovery kids
T. Lucas photo
Mountain Radio afternoon announcer Courtney Potts not only educated her group of students, but entertained them by recording their voices and playing them back with different effects, like echo.  Once she showed them one, the kids wanted to hear their own voice with any and every effect that she could make.

Jocelyn, Trevor and Adain Initiate Interpreters
T. Lucas photo 

As the host of Kootenai Brown's station I can say that my group was delightful.  At my station, Jocelyn, Trevor, and his little sister Adain  learned one aspect of working at the Village, being an interpreter.  They were engaged in listening skills, wrote a story that was base out of their own lives and experiences, and then shared their story with the rest of the group conveying both facts, and enthusiasm.  Public speaking did not daunt these kids.  They even answered questions from one of the Junior Journalists that came to our table from the Pincher Creek Voice.
Mandie Welke's crafty dragon

Chamber of Commerce Dylon Barber explained that the solar oven craft could reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  "It's warm enough to make smore's, or heat up a lunch."  Administrator for the Chamber, Lieve Parisis was busy all day making sure that everything ran smoothly.

At lunch time someone discovered the sidewalk chalk
C. Davis photo
Lunch was served on site. Hot dogs, chips, watermelon and home-made cookies were prepared and given out by Kootenai Brown's  Vice President Carol Berridge, and staff member Kendall Salmon fueling the kids before the youngsters moved on to the second half of the days discoveries, and more businesses.  To cap off the day, the kids had a craft and second-hand sale, where the public were welcome to peruse the wares and buy treats.

Some of the crafts created during Discovery Day

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