Monday, May 28, 2012

Kids Discovery Day was a terrific experience

At the Voice we're always cool under pressure
Jillana Hammond photo 
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce is to be congratulated for conceiving and putting together "Kids Discovery Day", which was held with the involvement of several businesses and individuals around Pincher Creek on Saturday, May 28.

The Pincher Creek Voice was one of those businesses. I had two groups of kids, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They were given video cameras, a brief introduction to some of the general rules of reporting, and an assignment. Several of them expressed a keen interest in the opportunity, and produced some great results despite a 45 minute time limit necessitated by the nature of the event. For the record, I doubt I could personally gather and finish a story in 45 minutes, so we kept the stories small.

Following this will be several stories that relate to the event, including a piece from Shannon Robin, the editor of Shootin' The Breeze, and one from Toni Lucas, who was in charge of the Kootenai Brown portions of the event.

You will also find several stories written by my Junior Journalists, and some video as well. I hope we will see more from them in the future, as they did an incredible job within the time constraints imposed. The future of community news is a bright one for Pincher Creek.

A special thanks to Chamber President James Van Leeuwen, who transported the second group of Junior Journalists to a story that would have otherwise been missed due to my time commitment to the Discovery Day, and kudos to Chamber Administrator Lieve Parisis for mounting such a daunting endeavor so successfully.

One of the subjects I covered briefly with my Junior Journalists was accuracy, and the need to acknowledge and fix errors as quickly as possible. As I contemplate the virtual pile of video, stories, and photographs in front of me for this event I realize I am probably going to make some misteaks when I put it all together. If you spot one, my apologies, and please let me know via

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