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Casting call in Pincher Creek still looking for more kids

Potential extras John Baker and Donna Downing
on either side of Casting Director Alyson Lockwood
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Classic Casting Director Alyson Lockwood is familiar with Pincher Creek and area.  "I did some casting for 'Brokeback Mountain'," she said,  as she directed people that were trickling in throughout the day to the gymnasium doors on the Town Hall building.

Lockwood and crew arrived in Pincher Creek to start casting extras for 'The Right Kind of Wrong" early Saturday morning on August 25.  "There were around 20-25 people waiting when we arrived, and people have been coming all day.  We're about two hours in, and we've had about a hundred through."

Jillana Hammond gets her photo taken
at casting call
Lockwood did share the concern that at that point in the day, they had not seen many children.  "We are looking for kids, between the ages of 8-16, as well as adults."  If they did not see enough by the end of the day she said "We may do a separate casting call, just for kids."

"We have a big party scene, that will require people dressed up, and servers, as extras," Lockwood mentioned.  She is also on the lookout for luxury vehicles that can be parked in shots.  "The newer, the better," she stated, explaining that the movie is based in modern times.

Lockwood was quite happy that a quartet had applied, as asked for, and wanted to assure people that even though the filming is scheduled from September 17 - 21, most people would not have to be on call for the entire time.  "Mostly, it'll be for one or two days,"  she said.

"It's nice to be back here, it's beautiful.  The people are lovely, and down to earth.  When I was here last, everybody was accommodating.  I'm glad to be back," Lockwood said with a smile.

Hammond family at casting call

Jaxon Hammond came to the casting call.  He's currently working as a stand in for another movie in the area, 'The Young and Prodigious Spivet,' his whole family came out to try for this one.  "We were thinking about it, then we had to come into town for parts at UFA, anyway.  So..."  shrugged dad Dixon Hammond.

I even cast my lot in the ring. After filling out a form that took about two minutes, I had my photo taken.

Lockwood is currently working on two films  'Hell on Wheels,' and ‘The Right Kind of Wrong'.  If you would like to get in touch with casting you can contact her through her email at

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Alyson Lockwood and casting assistant Hali

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