Friday, August 31, 2012

How do we spend our dash?

Rob Bernshaw

Rob Bernshaw, Columnist

Noted author and poet Linda Ellis wrote a poem one afternoon in 1996 that changed her life and countless other lives in the process. This poem, called The Dash, is one person's reflection of what goes on from the time we enter this wonderful planet until we leave the life we have lived. At the bottom of this column will be an image of this thought provoking poem. After seeing this poem In video format, thoughts rushed to mind of  thankfulness and gratitude for all that has passed before and for the present day.

What the future holds is up to us in how thankful are we for today?
Are we truly thankful for  our lives whatever station or position we may hold?
Do we truly appreciate every day of our lives no matter what the weather?
Are we genuinely happy with what we have, or do we continually strive to out-do our neighbors in possessions and stature?
No matter how many possessions or outward appearances of wealth and prosperity we have, are we truly satisfied and happy with the results obtained?
Do we strive to improve our lives in opportunities and abilities, to strive to out do ourselves in our conduct and by our integrity?
Do we live our lives in such a way as to be ready for the opportunities that arrive in front of us and to take up the challenge(s) presented?
Do we go out of our way to help others even if it inconveniences us sometimes?
Do we treat others with respect and courtesy, or with disdain and contempt?
Do we put on and walk a mile in the shoes of another person to see their side of an issue?
Do we respect the space of others or do we barge in and disturb their individual space, without thought or asking permission?

If we want others to respect our personal space and listen to us, than we also need to respect their personal space as well, whether the individual is a noted public figure or not.

Even though we may not always agree with what others are doing or saying, we need to be respectful of their personal space and time, in order to obtain that same consideration in return.

Are we thankful for our elected public officials even though we may not always see eye to eye on different issues?
How are we living our life and spending our allotted Dash?

This column is also a small token of respect with sincere condolences and prayers going out to all the family, friends and acquaintances of John George Lynch-Staunton (June 19, 1930 – August 17, 2012) a Canadian Senator and first leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He passed away during a family reunion in Pincher Creek on Friday August 17, 2012 leaving many fond memories of a life well lived, between those years known as birth and death. His Dash was well spent in his 82 years of life on this wonderful planet.

Let us all take the time to reflect on how we are spending our Dash and always be respectful of others in our deeds and actions.

When we leave this world let us our hope our Dash is well spent and that people left behind will speak well of us and have many fond memories of how our life on this planet played out, as the people that knew the late and great Senator John George Lynch-Staunton do.

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