Thursday, August 30, 2012

MLA Pat Stier announces "Action Plan" to support Fort Macleod Police Training Centre

Livingstone-Macleod MLA
Pat Stier
C. Davis photo
In a press release issued today, Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier stated his intent to support the Fort Macleod Police Training Facility project that was cancelled by the provincial government yesterday.

The following is the unedited text of Stier's press release:

The decision by the Provincial Government to cancel the Police Training Facility project is very disappointing news to me as the MLA for Livingstone Macleod and I am greatly concerned about those good folks in Fort Macleod and the surrounding areas who have committed so much time and effort in good faith to this project over the years.
"My action plan, as the MLA for the area and as a member of the Official Opposition in the Legislature to support and resurrect this project, is to immediately investigate the facts behind this decision and explore every avenue available to us to oppose this and seek alternatives to keep the project alive, including the possibility of requesting a postponement until another solution can be found.
We must do everything that we can do to keep this project going and not allow it to be completely cancelled.
In the next few days our staff will be using every possible tool available to us to get that facts and I intend on requesting this government to provide the complete details that lead to this decision and further demanding that they convene a meeting in Fort Macleod as soon as possible to explain how this decision was reached."
- MLA Pat Stier for the Constituency of Livingstone Macleod


  1. C. Van Ryk30/8/12

    There is no secret here. The PCs are using resource revenue money to finance day to day spending. When the price of oil/gas drop something has to give. Hard to cut education/ health and they need to fund patronage appointments and trips to the olympics..much easier to cut projects in ridings the PCs lost.

  2. Anonymous31/8/12

    What I find interesting is how the Redford government is punishing Livingston-McLeod constituants. First, they give a plum government job to Evan Burger and then they shut down the Police Training Academy. Can it be anymore obvious that retribution is the motive for all those who dared to vote Wild Rose?

  3. Let us not forget that the Little Bow Continuing Care Center in Carmangay with vulnerable seniors, is also under the knife as well.


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