Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Public’s help needed to identify voice of Person of Interest in Amber Tuccaro missing person case

September 4, 2012 Update:  Human remains identified as Amber Tuccaro

RCMP are still asking for assistance to identify voice.

Amber Alyssa Tuccaro

Original story:

Today, KARE investigators announced that they are asking for the public’s help in identifying the voice of a person of interest in the Amber Alyssa Tuccaro missing person case.  Amber was last seen in the early evening of August 18, 2010, in the southeast area of Leduc County, Alberta. Today, at “K” Division RCMP Headquarters in Edmonton, police released a voice recording taken from a cell phone conversation Amber had while driving in a vehicle with an unknown male. The call took place after she left her Nisku hotel room on the evening of her disappearance. Vivian Tuccaro, Amber’s mother, was also present and joined KARE investigators in asking for the public’s help in finding her daughter.

Investigators believe the male voice on the tape belongs to someone who could assist them in their investigation. The recording, which runs two minutes, is now available to the public online at and

Warning, this audio and video contains disturbing material that may not be suitable for all viewers.

A video report that incorporates the audio recording can be viewed at

“We know that the voice on the tape belongs to a man who was in Amber’s company after she was last seen, so identifying him is a critical piece in our investigation,” said RCMP Staff Sergeant Gerard MacNeil of KARE. We want the public to go online and listen to his voice. Our hope is that someone out there will recognize him and call us.”

The KARE investigators acknowledged that the content of the tape is disturbing and that Amber can be heard expressing concern as to her whereabouts. Investigators would not discuss how or when they obtained the recording and explained that doing so could compromise their investigation.

“Releasing this tape is breaking new ground for us, and we know people will have questions about how we got it. We can’t answer those questions,” said RCMP Constable Ray Shelton of KARE. “The important thing is that we have the tape, people can listen to it and help us find out what happened to Amber.”

Amber Tuccaro is an Aboriginal female who is 5’ 6” (167 cm) tall, with brown eyes.  At the time of her disappearance, she was 20 years old, weighed 144 lbs. (65 kg), had black hair with blonde streaks and may have been wearing a purple “Bench” brand hoodie.

Anyone who can help identify the voice or who has other information related to Amber’s disappearance is asked to call Project KARE toll free at 1-877-412-KARE (5273) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Edmonton residents can also call KARE at 780-509-3356.

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