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Southwest Barrel Series Jackpot Finals held at Pincher Creek rodeo grounds

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

2012 SW Barrel Series High Point Champion Laressa McGlynn
C. Davis photo

The Pincher Creek Rodeo Grounds were damp instead of dusty on the evening of Tuesday, August 21, the result of an afternoon shower, a rarity during this long hot summer.  That didn't faze the ladies I talked to, who said it was good ground to run on for the 2012 Southwest Barrel Series Jackpot Championship.

Contestants could pick the best of two runs in the competition, which most elected to do.

The event began on a sombre note, as contestants and organizers observed a minute of silence to honor the memory of Western Stockman owner Jim O'Donnell, a great supporter of equestrian events in southern Alberta who passed away last week.

A tribute was accorded 19 year-old Indus cowgirl Brooke Patton, who was diagnosed in January with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Pee Wee Champ Kiah Simpson
C. Davis photo
The first to test the course was Kiah Simpson on Quincy, a lead-line cowgirl who has been showing a huge amount of potential during the SW Series, and at Gymkhana too.  Her run was flawless, and she was named Champion Pee-wee Barrel Racer, earning a baby blue halter from Cowley Co-op and a fistfull of dollars.

A couple of hours of non-stop action ensued.  There were a lot of great runs, and a very few tipped barrels as the ladies put their all into the contest.

Cyd Collings riding Tucker to the fastest time of the evening
C. Davis photo
Cyd Collings of Coleman, riding Tucker, had the fasest time of the evening with a 15.890 in her second go, shaving some off the 15.942 time that won her the Senior barrel racing championship at the All-Girl Rodeo held in Pincher Creek on July 25 of this year.

2-D and High Point Champ Laressa McGlynn riding Wally
C. Davis photo

Pincher Creek's own Laressa McGlynn was named the 2012 High Point Southwest Barrel Series Champion with 36 points, taking home $600 in hard-won cash.  She was the 2-D winner of the evening after riding Wally to a time of 16.129.

Abby Zur (cenre) presented with Western Stockman
horse blanket by Marina Eckert  (Weston on horse) 

C. Davis photo

The Youth High Point Average went to Abby Zur with her horse Playboy, earning them a horse blanket donated by  Western Stockman in memory of Jim O'Donald.

Most Improved Horse: Gina Marr on Benz
C. Davis photo
Gina Marr's Benz was named  Most Improved Horse of the season, earning a bridle bag donated by Western Stockman in memory of Jim O'Donnell

Reserve High Point Youth Brittnie Zur
C. Davis photo

Brittnie Zur and Jet won Reserve High Point Youth, earning a rain sheet donated by  Western Stockman in memory of Jim O'Donnell.


High Point Champions: Laressa McGlynn and Wally
Reserve High Point: Marina Eckert and Shania
Honorable Mention to Kelsie Simpson and Quincy, and Lisa Smith and Copper

High Point Youth: Abby Zur and Playboy
Reserve High Point Youth: Brittnie Zur and Jets
Runner-up High Point Youth: Robyn Lively and Chicka
Most Improved Horse: Gina Marr and Benz

High Point Tiny Mite: Kiah Simpson and Quincy

1. Cyd Collings and Tucker 15.890
2. Marina Eckert and Shania 16.129
3. Marina Eckert and Chants 16.167
4. Gina Marr and Benz 16.337
5. Lisa Smith and Copper 16.403

1. Laressa McGlynn and Wally 16.599
2. Shelby Smith and Gunner 16.669
3. Taryn Matthews and Jeeper 16.714
4. Britteny Barr and Cowboy 16.809
5. Lindsey Smith and Strawberry 16.898
6. Kelsie Simpson and Quincy 16.922

1. Colby Jenkins and Charlie 16.945 $75
2. Mareena Blackmore and CopyCat 17.067
3. Carmen Sippola and Claire 17.545
4. Leanne Stav and Poncho 17.920
5. Ginger Besplug and Special 18.712
6. Jolayne Collings and Remington 19.173

1. Abby Zur and Playboy 16.329

1. Shelby Smith and Oakley 17.084

2-D Youth Champ Shelby Smith on Oakley
C. Davis

3-D Youth  Champ Colby Jenkins on Charlie
C. Davis photo

Runner up Marina Eckert, Rose Lang presenting
C. Davis photo

Events like this don't just happen all by themselves.  Thanks to Rose Lang, Maxine McKenna, Aaron Gibb, Jared McCollister, Weston, Marlon Draper, Arnold Zur, and a host of others who helped make it happen!

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