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Hockey shorts, October 26-28, 2012

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
  • Season schedules from now to February 2012 for the Bantam Chinooks and the Midget Huskies have been posted on the Minor Hockey page (click here).
  • Respect in Sport deadline looms: All parents will be required to take 'Respect in Sport - Parent', prior to November 1, 2012. You can access this by going to the Hockey Alberta website (click here)
  • The Pincher Creek Ref clinic will be held Saturday, November 3 from 9 am to 4 pm and on Sunday, November 4 from 9 am until about 1:30 pm in the Pincher Creek MD basement. Register online at ehockey (click here).

SheNooks vs CNP Wolves
C. Davis photos

^ Pincher Creek's SheeNooks hosted the Crowsnest Pass Wolves on Sunday evening.  A SheeNooks goal in the last 5 seconds of the third period 5-4, but with rented ice time still remaining they played on.  The SheeNooks are scheduled to be back at Pincher Creek's MCC Arena next Sunday, November 28, from 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm.

Good ice is cold ice:
The newly installed heating system at the MCC Arena is quite nice to have, thanks Town of Pincher Creek.  However, as the rink men discovered at the Senior Huskies game on Friday evening, too much of a warm thing can lead to problems with the ice.  They're looking for a happy medium.  In the meantime, let's remember this: hockey is a winter sport.  When I was a kid we didn't have all these walls and roofs and toasty concession areas.  We had hot dogs on a stick over a brazier, maybe, and hot chocolate in a thermos with mirrored glass inside (that all too often shattered enroute).  We had to walk to and from the game through three blizzards and a pack of wild dogs (uphill both ways of course) and for a puck we used a slice of frozen meatloaf.  Pads, masks, and helmets?  Crazy newfangled ideas, all of them.

Atom 1 Chinooks vs Coaldale:

Pincher Creek's Atom 1 Chinooks had a rough go of it against Coaldale on Sunday, October 28, losing by a wide margin.  It's never as much fun to lose as it is to win, but the Atom 1 team kept their chins up, they gave it their all, and they improved as the game went on.  The Coaldale team was basically playing on a different level and a reseeding may be in order.  

Trinity Tanner  scored the final goal in the game with just 20 seconds to spare, ably assisted by Logan Deley. Jaxon Hammond spent the first two periods in net for the Chinooks, and he's really starting to move like a goalie. Cade Ames has really been working on his skills, and it shows.  Rylan Bruns scored twice, unassisted, breaking the no-score blues for the team and lighting their spark a little when they needed it most.  Bruns also took a solid hit to the face mask in the first period and just kept on truckin'.  Alex Comeau put in a huge effort, particularly defensively.  Christian Berthiaume, Easton Fitzpatrick, Wes Krampe, Sam Jordan and Michael Kaupp showed a lot of true grit out there despite the tough opposition and a few bumps and knocks.  Coaldale was a very strong team.  

Peewee Thunder undefeated in 6
The Crowsnest Pass Pee Wee Thunder team includes three players from Pincher Creek, #6 Josh Conley, #13 Cameron Little, and #18 Taite Jessen. This is our Pee Wee team this year, Pincher Creek.

 The team is off to a great start, undefeated in 6 exhibition/seeding round games:
#19 Logan Amos
  • October 13 Exhibition game vs Coaldale Cobras, 8-0 win for the Thunder (an assist for Taite Jessen).
  • October 20 Exhibition game vs Picture Butte Hawks, 12-1 win for the Thunder, Spud League Seeding Game Player of the Game #6 Josh Conley (a goal and an assist for Josh Conley, a goal for Cameron Little, and a goal and an assist for Taite Jessen).
  • October 21 Exhibition game vs Taber, 13-0 win for the Thunder, Spud League Seeding Game Player of the Game: the entire Thunder Team (2 goals and an assist for Cameron Little, 2 goals for Josh Conley).
  • October 26 Exhibition game vs Foremost/Bow Island Rebel Flyers, 4-0 win for the Thunder, Spud League Seeding Game Player of the Game #19 Logan Amos ( a goal and an assist for Josh Conley, a goal for Cameron Little).
  • October 27 Exhibition game vs Elk Valley Wild, 4-2 win for the Thunder, Player of the Game #10 Colby Snider (a goal and an assist for Taite Jessen).
  • October 28, Exhibition game vs Lomond, 6-1 win for the Thunder, Spud League Seeding Game Player of the Game #12 Jarrett Kress (a goal for Taite Jessen, three assists for Josh Conley).

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Atom 1 Goalie Jaxon Hammond

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