Sunday, November 18, 2012

Atom 1 Chinooks defeat Taber Oil Kings

Taber Oil Kings face off against the Atom 1 Chinooks
C. Davis photos and video

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's Atom 1 "A" Chinooks turned a rough start to the season around in their last two games.  They lost their first two games of the season, both against Coaldale, by wide margins.  On Saturday, November 10 they played an away game against the Crowsnest Thunder, and won that game by a score of 11-5.  They were back on home ice yesterday, November 17 hosting the Taber Oil Kings.

Chinooks #17 Rylan Bruns scored 30 seconds into the game, setting the pace early for his team, with an assist going to #16 Jaxon Hammond.  Throughout the game Hammond made sure he was in the right place at the right time to maximize opportunities.    The Chinooks' offence hammered the Taber net, and both goalies put in a huge effort, with big saves making a big difference to their respective teams. With 4:29 left in the first period Oil Kings #10 Brylan Span finally made good on several attempts, assisted by #8 Nathan Verloop, and the score was 1-1.  In a dramatic play, Rylan Bruns scored an unassisted goal at the buzzer, and as a result the score was 2-1 for the Chinooks going into the second period.

Rylan Bruns got the Chinooks off to a good start in the second period, scoring just a minute and 8 seconds in with an assist from #5 Logan Deley, earning Bruns a hat trick.  The period featured a lot of evenly contested hockey, with neither side managing to get one past the opposing goaltenders until Verloop made good on a breakaway play with only 1:07 left in the period, bringing the score to 3-2.  The dynamic duo of Bruns and Deley decided to end the period the way they started it, Bruns scoring with only 9.4 seconds left in the period, assisted by Deley, bringing the score to 4-2 Chinooks.

The third period saw both teams battling it out to no avail, with a lot of back and forth action, until the 15:09 mark when Oil Kings # 8 Verloop scored on another breakaway play. 4-3 Chinooks and it was still anyone's game at this point.  At the 10:46 mark Chinooks' Rylan Bruns achieved his 5th goal of the game, this one unassisted.  Opposing teams must tremble when this guy laces up against them.  5-3.  With only 3:45 left in the game Nathan Verloop scored his second goal of the game for the Oil Kings, assisted by #16 Alanna Makarchuk.  5-4.  Just 10 seconds later Alex Comeau made good on his many attempts with an unassisted goal, bringing the score to 6-4.  That's where it stood at the final buzzer.

Chinooks #9 Trinity Tanner some heavy duty offensive plays throughout the game that didn't quite make it into the net.  Next time!  Bruns repeatedly demonstrated a great deal of accuracy when it comes to zeroing in on the net. Comeau was a speed demon out there.  Give this kid the puck and he's gone like lightning.  Major hustle.Chinooks #12 Alex   #5 Logan Deley made several solid scoring attempts, denied by the Oil Kings defence and by Taber goalie #30 Blake Van Beers.  Deley has his teamwork figured out, as demonstrated by his 2 assists and multiple "almosts".  Chinooks #1 Wesley Krampe was a formidable presence in the net.  The Taber Oil Kings were certainly no slouches out there.  They played hard, they played fast, and they played smart.  A team to keep an eye on for sure.

The Atom 1 Chinooks next scheduled game is on Sunday, December 2, at 11:30 am in Coaldale, where they will be facing the team that beat them so thoroughly earlier this season.  I think the Coaldale Cobras might have a bit of a surprise in store for them this time.

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