Friday, November 23, 2012

Icy weather keeps Emergency Services busy

Chris Davis

Freezing rain created slippery road conditions in the Pincher Creek area on Tuesday evening, November 20, resulting in a busy time for Pincher Creek Emergency Services.

Emergency Services responded to a two vehicle motor vehicle collision on Highway 507 east of Pincher Creek with an engine, the rescue vehicle, and 2 ambulances.  Fire Chief Dave Cox said 5 people were transported from the scene, some with injuries that appeared to be minor and some who were family members being transported for their convenience.

As they were on the scene at the above incident, a call came in regarding a vehicle on fire in Pincher Creek.  One engine responded to douse the fire.

At the same time as the above calls were being dealt with Emergency Services received a call for ambulance service.

That meant that rescue, two engines, and all three local ambulances were in service at the same time.

On Wednesday morning, November 21 Emergency Services responded to a single vehicle rollover on Highway 507 west of Pincher Creek.  They had to cut the vehicle apart to extricate the single occupant, who was transported to Pincher Creek Hospital with minor injuries.

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  1. We need more ambulances and volunteers for emergency services.

    Elizabeth Ashley.


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