Sunday, November 18, 2012

RCMP responds to collision near Matthew Halton School

Pincher Creek RCMP responded to a multiple vehicle collision early Sunday morning, November 18, near the Matthew Halton High School. An eastbound vehicle lost control hitting two other parked vehicles, sending one clear onto a lawn from the roadway and sending his own vehicle crashing onto its side.

The Driver and passenger were both taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries. The driver was arrested shortly after on outstanding warrants and faces several new charges as a result of the incident.

RCMP believe that speed and alcohol were both contributing factors to the event.

Update: The driver in this incident will appear in Pincher Creek Court on Tuesday, November 20 to face charges of Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle and dangerous driving along with other charges.

Update (link) June 28, 2014: 
Pincher Creek fugitive apprehended and sentenced for 2012 impaired driving incident


  1. Anonymous19/11/12

    Thank-God nobody else was injuried or killed, I hope the driver is locked up and keys thrown away. DRINKING & DRIVING MUST STOP

  2. Anonymous20/11/12

    he hit my truck

  3. Anonymous20/11/12

    Is that u A? Lol


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