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Atom 1 Chinooks tie one and lose one at home

Atom 1 Chinooks vs Foremost Flyers
C. Davis photo

Pincher Creek's Atom 1 Chinooks played two home games last weekend, with mixed results, losing the first game to Vauxhall and tying the second against Foremost.

Atom 1 Chinooks vs Vauxhall Sabres

Josh Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Atom 1 Chinooks vs Vauxhall Sabres
J. Davis photo
The Pincher Creek Atom 1 Chinooks took to the ice on Saturday December 15, hosting their Vauxhall Sabres counterparts at the MCC arena. From the very beginning of the game the Sabres were skating confidently and playing aggressively, racking up more penalties than their opposition.

Vauxhall #11 Wyatt Broderson made the first goal of the game for the Sabres, a little after four minutes into the game. He followed this up by assisting #19 Kaden Virostek in scoring the Sabres second goal of the game, consolidating their lead. Chinooks #14 Michael Kaupp then earned the Chinooks’ first goal of the game with 13:31 left on the clock, putting the score at 1 – 2. #11 Broderson wasn’t done yet, however, and proceeded to make two more unassisted goals within the next minute. Within the last ten minutes of the period, the Chinooks worked hard to keep the puck on Vauxhall ice, but were having trouble getting past the Sabres' defensive line. #14 Michael Kaupp made the Chinooks’ second goal this period, assisted by #9 Trinity Tanner, but not before the Sabres #16 Cole McClelland earned Vauxhall’s fifth goal of the period, in what was #11 Wyatt Broderson’s second assist of the game. With the period ending at 2 - 5, the Chinooks had to turn things around fast if they wanted to come out the winners.

Chinooks #12 Alex Comeau scored the first goal of the period, assisted by #17 Rylan Bruns. The Sabres #9 Brittney Krambeitz was assisted in their next goal by #8 Blake Kondor, who went on to score his own goal just a couple of minutes later. #17 Rylan Bruns of the Chinooks was assisted by Trinity Tanner in earning their final goal of this period, with 11:33 on the clock. It became apparent that the Sabres had better passing and solid teamwork on the ice, taking many shots on the net even as Chinooks #1 Wesley Krampe made some amazing saves. #8 Blake Kondor of the Sabres finally managed to squeak a goal through 17 minutes into the period, bringing the score to 4 – 7 with the Sabres remaining comfortably ahead.

Three minutes into the third #17 Rylan Bruns scored the Chinooks’ fifth goal. #1 Wesley Krampe made another phenomenal save for the Chinooks early into this period, while #12 Alex Comeau showed of his skills with a stick. However, with 13 minutes left on the clock Sabres #4 Simon Virostek passed the puck to #8 Blake Kondor, who scored his third goal of the game. This was followed up by another Sabres goal, made by #19 Kaden Virostek, and assisted by #11 Wyatt Broderson. #8 Blake Kondor would follow this up with his fourth goal of the game at 11:15 remaining in the game. #17 Rylan Bruns made a great goal from just past the blue line twelve minutes into the period, making the score 6 – 11. The game remained at 7-11 until the final two minutes, with #8 Blake Konder and #11 Wyatt Broderson both making on more unassisted goal each, bringing the final score to 7 – 13 for Vauxhall.

Atom 1 Chinooks vs Foremost Flyers

Atom Chinooks vs Foremost Flyers
C. Davis photos and video

The Atom 1 Chinooks hosted the Foremost Flyers at Pincher Creek's MCC arena on Sunday, December 16. A couple of pieces of the puzzle were missing for the Chinooks with the absence of Logan Deley and Jaxon Hammond, making for a short bench.  Chinooks #17 Rylan Bruns got his team off to a good start with an unassisted goal 1:34 into the first period.  Bruns scored again less than a minute later, this time assisted by #14 Michael Kaupp.  The score stood at 2-0 briefly until the 15:43 mark when Flyers #7 Gerret Harty scored, assisted by #9 Quade Hughson.  Chinooks goalie #1 Wesley Krampe made some big saves, and both teams seemed to be quite evenly matched, with a lot of back and forth happening out there.  With only 3 minutes remaining in the period Chinooks #9 Trinity Tanner broke away from the pack and scored an unassisted goal.  Tanner was on fire throughout the game, making many good attempts, most of which were thwarted by the Flyers' defence and goalie, #1 Aiden Huisman.  The score stood at 3-1 for the Chinooks at the end of the first period.

The second period began with the two teams battling to a draw until the 15:40 mark when Harty scored again for the Flyers, assisted this time by #17 Jesse Bodin, bringing the score to 3-2.  That was the only goal of the second period.  Hughson made some big attempts for the Flyers, but was repeatedly denied by Krampe and the Chinooks' defensive efforts.  Likewise, Michael Kaupp put in a big effort for the Chinooks, including a beauty of a breakaway attempt, but was also denied.  It was turning into a battle of goaltenders, as both teams showed a lot of offensive and defensive skill, well balanced against each other.

The Flyers came out with determination in the third period, and only 48 second in Quade Hughson scored for them, assisted by Gerret Harty, bringing it to 3-3.  Hughson and Harty are a winning forward combination, supporting each others' efforts well and sharp at capitalizing on opportunities. At the 11:54 mark Trinity Tanner scored her second unassisted goal of the game, another textbook breakaway play, bringing it to 4-3 in the Chinooks' favour.  41 seconds later Hughson scored unassisted for the flyers, making two goals and one assist for him, and tying it 4-4.  The last half of the third period was drama filled, featuring big saves by both goalies.  The Flyers took off in the last five minutes, making multiple attempts with several close calls, but were blocked by the Chinooks' defence and the steadfast Krampe.  At the final buzzer the score was still tied 4-4, which seemed appropriate considering the great effort displayed by both teams.  A classic, I'm looking forward to the next time these two teams meet.  A good game, and good sportsmanship was displayed as well.

After the game the Atom 1 Chinooks gathered in the lobby of the MCC arena to wish Michael, Easton, and Logan a happy birthday, complete with a great cupcake based cake.

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