Thursday, December 27, 2012

Out and about, Christmas 2012

Gingerbread houses: a Livingstone School tradition
^ The gingerbread houses decorated by Livingstone School K-6 students were once again donated by Kathy and Brian Gee of the Cinnamon Bear Bakery and Cafe in Blairmore.

Below: Photos from Livingstone School's Christmas spectacular

Below: Photos from St. Michael's Christmas musical "Fear Not Factor"

Below: Sleigh rides and Santa at Ranchland Mall

Matthew Halton School Christmas Concert

Bradon with Santa at KBPV

(Above and below) The Christmas Craft Market held at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village on December 21 was quite busy with 15 vendors and many customers.  Santa was on hand through part of the evening.   "It was a great diversion on the longest night of the year," said one shopper.

The kids that visited were already on the 'nice' list, according to Santa.  Randy, however may not get the Dodge truck he asked for.  "It just will not fit in the sleigh," said Santa.

Connor with Santa at KBPV

Twins Bradon and Brandon visited with Santa at KBPV

At KBPV: Randy asked Santa for a truck.

Alyssa with Santa at KBPV

Sydney with Santa at KBPV

^ Laura with Santa at KBPV

Below: Christmas concert celebrations at Twin Butte Community Hall

Below: Decorated doors at Livingstone School

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