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Silver Reins 4-H public speaking update

Two Silver Reins members win First Place at Regionals

Silver Reins 4-H Club
Back Row: Cooper Hagley, Sommer Hagley, Taylor Wells, Megan McGlynn, Ivey Friesen, Rebecca Taylor, Kelsie Simpson, Janet Taylor. 
Middle Row: Marlena Coulter, Kim Turnbull, Kassi Wells, Sydney Bruder, Alex Russell, Haylee Williams 
Front Row: Mileyn Coulter, Brooke Hammond, Jessie Terpstra, Erica MacKenzie, Danielle Hann, Alina Pharis, Indie MacGarva, Samantha Williams

Alex Russell, Silver Reins 4-H Club Reporter

Over the past couple of months 4-H clubs all around southern Alberta have been competing in public speaking competitions; at Club level, Districts, Regionals and Provincials. Every person in every club needs to prepare a speech or a presentation, and present it to their club and judges as part of the requirement to be in 4-H.  If the member wishes to be marked on their public speaking and possibly move on to the next level then the member has to present it to the judges.

The first level that you will enter in is Club level. This is basically presenting your speech or presentation to only 'your' club. If you make it into the top two of your category then you will move on to the next level… Districts. When you are in Districts you compete against… well, your District; which includes all the clubs in the community. Now that you are getting into the higher levels, the people that have prepared a speech and the people that have prepared a presentation will do their presenting on two separate days. A person that has prepared a speech has the right to choose any topic as long as the content is appropriate and the same goes for the people doing a presentation.

People can choose from numerous topics, including: horse care, trips/ vacations, Canadian stereotypes, archery, how to make horse cookies and lots more.  One thing that a member doing a speech has to do is something called an Impromptu, which is basically a speech that the member did not memorize or prepare.   In an impromptu, you have fifteen seconds to choose between three topics given to you on a card; one minute to get your thoughts together and then be able to present on your chosen topic in one to two minutes.

Impromptu topics can range from 'How to eat an oreo cookie'  to 'What is your take on global warming?'.  The members that do presentations usually use props and do not have to do impromptu’s;  however they have to make their presentation a couple minutes longer than a speech.   If you once again make it in the top two people in your category, you go on to Regionals, which includes all of southern Alberta.

Finally, a 4-H member can move on to Provincials, if you are speaking or presenting at the senior level and make it in the top two.

Silver Reins was lucky enough to have two members of their club go on to Regionals and both won first place!! Alex Russell placed first in Regional Intermediate Speeches and Brooke Hammond placed first in Junior Presentations with her topic of Tae Kwon Do.  When I asked Brooke a few questions about how she felt doing her presentation, this is what she said: “I chose the topic because I know a lot about it and I am in it”.   She also said “At first I was nervous, but once I did a few of my moves my heart was racing, and I had lots of fun!”

Brook stated “It was a great opportunity but required a lot of confidence.”

As for me and my topic of 'Sea Biscuit the Legendary Race Horse', I was less nervous doing my speech and more nervous when doing my impromptu!


Overall the Silver Reins Light Horse Club did very well with their public speaking. There were thirteen 4-H Silver Reins competitors that moved on from Club level to Districts, and six Silver Reins that moved on from Districts to Regionals including:  Junior Presentations as mentioned before, Brooke Hammond moved on to Districts and Regionals, Haylee Williams and Sommer Hagley also moved on from Club level to Districts and Regionals.  In Intermediate Presentations: Kassi Wells and Samantha Williams moved on to Districts; in Senior Presentations Rebecca Taylor and Kelsie Simpson moved on to Districts, also Taylor wells and Megan McGlynn moved on to Districts and Regionals.  In Junior Speeches Erica Mackenzie and Jessie Terpstra move on to Districts. In Intermediate Speeches Alex Russell moved on to Districts and Regionals and Sydney Bruder moved on to Districts.

 I have to say myself that I admire anyone who has the confidence and courage to get up in front of a crowd and public speak!  CONGRATULATIONS to all 4-H members who participated!!

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  1. Future leaders in action. Congratulations to all for a job well done.


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