Thursday, June 27, 2013

Children's World Daycare has an uplifting day

Standing: Lisa Kaupp, and Marie Stuart, with assistants
Shelby Kleinhans and Morgan Grineage
T. Lucas Photos

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Children's World Daycare in Pincher Creek arranged a special treat for staff and kids on June 27.  As a staff appreciation gesture, Lisa Kaupp, Marie Stuart and Beverly Four Horns arranged for everyone to gather on the lawn west of the daycare, and brought out balloons for each staff member.

There was a personal message attached to each balloon that Kaupp read out to the staff and children.  The hope was that these would fly away and be picked up and read by someone who would see how much the daycare appreciates that person.  "We want everyone to know how much we appreciate each other," said Kaupp.

Balloons were handed out by helpers and staff.  Most of the staff gave their balloon to a child to let go of on the count of three.  After watching them drift away, or catching a few straggling balloons that did not get enough lift to head skyward, the staff and kids enjoyed pizza.

Balloons everywhere
If you find one, do let us know!

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