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Crestview Highlights - June 27, 2013

Submitted by the Residents of Crestview Lodge

Greetings from Crestview Lodge
    June 14th we had some Cowboy poets drop by to entertain us all. Cathy K. decorated our place in such a great manner that the pictures of the branding, roping and ranching brought us all back to our early years on the ranch with our young families. The Divine Bovines entertained us with their renditions of good songs from the cow’s point of view. The gals were very funny, with their swaying tails and ears. They gave us all cow ears to wear with tags, of course, and the other props they used brought lots of laughter too. One of our resident’s eldest sons, Noel Burles sang some great old songs for us. Yodeler Rod Erickson also entertained us with great songs and humor.

    On June 14th we were entertained by the Raiy Days Duo. They sang songs that everyone knew and we could all join in with; in-between songs they told jokes. Never a dull moment with that singing team!

     Father’s Day was a great surprise to all the men at Crestview.  The Lodge was decorated with pictures of cars, trucks and tractors from the 40’s and 50’s, as well as very old ads from magazines displaying what to get for Father’s Day.  Each of the men received a gift waiting for them at the breakfast table.

   The Legion sponsored a Seniors’ and Handicapped Fishing Derby that took place at Bobby Burns Pond on June 19th.  We brought home 15 fish all together.  The staff cleaned them and the Kitchen staff cooked them up to eat at dinner and share with all the residents; yummy!   Mel L. won the prize for biggest fish caught! Pat K. won for oldest fisherwoman and also the prize for most fish caught! Then we all enjoyed a fabulous lunch put on by the Pincher Creek Legion. A big Thank you to them all, it was a wonderful day.

    Every month we have a Birthday Party that celebrates the Residents’ birthdays that happened within that month. Well this month we enjoyed a band called The Orange Blossom Express. They played oldies from way, way back.  One of the players wowed us by playing a squeeze box accordion.

    Joyce Sasse came to Crestview on June 21st to share Annora Brown’s story. Joyce spent a lot of time with Annora.  She shared the history with us, and the two books which Annora had written.  We thank Joyce for her presentation; it was done very well and greatly enjoyed by all the participants.

   On Friday the 21st we went out to have steaks at the Legion. Cathy K. and Sharron S. cooked all the steaks for us to devour. That was a tremendous night with great company and excellent food.

   On the weekend, we had some dog trials come to Crestview. We laughed as we watched the dogs go through tunnels, run barrel races, and do jumping tricks.  Most of the dogs were so excited about doing all these things for us. We especially got a kick out of the ones that didn’t really want to go where they were told to go, as they were still learning. They stayed even after their performance to practice, so we were able to enjoy them for longer than usual; what a treat to watch and laugh.

    Our last trip this month was planned to go to Boulder Run for a picnic, along with some of the residents from Vista Village. With all the rain and flooding we were not able to go there, so we decided to have an indoor picnic at Vista Village instead.  It was a good thing we had so much food, as there were lots of people that decided to join us and get out of the wind. There was lots of fun to be had and when Jean C. played the piano, lots of people began to sing along.

Thank you Mel W. for inviting us to Vista!

From Crestview Lodge.

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