Thursday, June 27, 2013

Government continues to respond to flooding emergency

*Please note: updates will include only new information

Current situation update

  • 12 confirmed states of local emergency.
  • 21 active local Emergency Operations Centres in southern Alberta, including municipalities, First Nations, and private industry (Fortis).
Information line for Albertans affected by flooding
  • Affected residents can call the Government of Alberta call centre at 310-4455 to ask questions.
  • This line will serve as a central flood recovery information line where volunteer agents will forward calls to the appropriate program area (i.e. temporary housing services) and provide information.
Flooding stories
  • Albertans are invited to share their stories and photos about their experiences in the flooding. Stories can be read on the website.
Emergency funding for displaced Albertans
  • For residents who are displaced and can’t go home, government is providing pre-loaded debit cards to help with immediate housing needs and day-to-day purchases. Those who qualify will receive $1,250 per adult and $500 per child. Eligible displaced residents from High River will have access to cardsstarting today. Details on cards for residents in other affected communities will be available soon.
Reception centres
  • High River evacuees can register or be located by calling the Red Cross information line at 1-866-696-6484.
Road Information
  • Nine highways are closed, two highways have restricted access and two ferries are closed.
  • The TransCanada Highway (Highway 1) from Hwy 40 to the BC border is now open with one lane in each direction.
  • Highway 1A east and west of Exshaw is still closed. (Open to emergency vehicle only from Exshaw to Canmore)
  • Highway 40 from Highwood Pass to Highway 1 is open to emergency vehicle only from Highway 1 to village.
  • Hwy 41A is open in the City of Medicine Hat limits.
  • For the most up-to-date information on highway conditions and closures go to, follow @511Alberta or call 511.
  • Alberta Transportation staff is in the community inspecting the structural integrity of bridges.
Health Services  
Law enforcement, Provincial Corrections and the Courts
Provincial Criminal and Traffic Courts
  • If your matter was scheduled for June 21, 24 or 25 and you (or your lawyer or an agent) were unable to attend, your matter was adjourned to July 2. Failure to appear on July 2 may result in a summons or a warrant for arrest.
  • If your matter was scheduled for June 26 and you (or your lawyer or an agent) were unable to attend, then your matter was adjourned to July 3. Failure to appear on July 3 may result in a summons, or a warrant for your arrest.
  • Please check the digital display in the front lobby of the Calgary Courts Centre for the courtroom number.
  • For Provincial Criminal Court inquiries, call 403-297-2242.
  • For Provincial Traffic Court inquiries, call 403-297-2283.
Provincial Family and Youth Court
  • For Youth Court inquiries, call 403-297-3473 or the Youth Criminal Defence Office at 403-297-4400.
  • For Family and Child Protection Court inquiries, call 403-297-3471. For Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) inquiries, call 403-297-3936.
Provincial Civil Court
  • For inquiries, call 403-297-7217. For Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution (RTDS) inquiries, call 310-0000 and then dial 780-644-3000 for instructions from the call centre.
Circuit Courts
  • Siksika Court matters for June 27 are being heard in Strathmore Provincial Court. For inquiries, call the Drumheller Courthouse at 403-820-7300.
Outdoor Recreation and Parks
  • Please visit the Land & Trail Closures and Advisories page and for up-to-date information before making your hiking, camping, and quadding plans for this long weekend.
  • Call 1-877-537-2757 by the end of July if you require a refund on a reservation for a campsite within the Alberta Parks system.
Other Information
Links to emergency information, community contacts and disaster recovery is available at Watch for Government of Alberta updates on Twitter at #abflood

The Alberta government is fully engaged in supporting the efforts of local communities and first responders. The Provincial Operations Centre (POC) is operating at Level 4, the highest level and is coordinating the efforts by the three levels of government. Key federal departments are active in the POC.

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