Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Canada Day Alberta

Rob Bernshaw
Rob Bernshaw, Columnist

In recent weeks Alberta has been inundated with rain in all areas of our great province(from north to south and east to west). Some areas such as southern Alberta were very hard hit where some people have lost their life under the raging waters, while others lost a lot of what they hold near and dear as it disappeared under the swirling waves.

Before going further I would like to send condolences out to the families, loved ones and friends of people that have lost their lives in any or all of the floods that have ravaged the Alberta of 2013.

Also kudos need to go out to all the first responders, whether they be fire, ambulance, police or army personnel that have stepped up to the plate in this time of need to help out our fellow Albertans.

Also a very important part of the equation is the numerous volunteers(numbered in the thousands) that have offered their vital services to help before, during and after this very serious natural disaster occurred that is affecting many Albertans going forward. They deserve a very big thanks for their very big hearts and willing hands.

There are still many areas  and communities of the province that people are not able to get to their homes in order to gain peace of mind and closure on a very serious disaster affecting their normal routine. One of the hardest hit areas such as the community of High River are still not letting people back in as an evacuation order was still in effect at the time of this writing.

The Mayor of High River is feeling the anger and frustration of the 100’s of displaced people wanting to get back to their homes. One is not sure or totally clear as to why High River is keeping people out of  their homes while communities like Calgary are in full scale recovery mode and by removing evacuation orders and allowing people back into evacuated areas a lot faster than High River which is a much smaller community. Kudos needs to go out to Mayor Naheed Nenshi in his fast response and in being part of the process in getting thousands of Albertans back to their regular routine as quickly as is humanely possible.

The government of Alberta has offered initially $1 billion in support of the many flood victims across Alberta that were adversely affected.

Will the cleanup and recovery take a very long time as some have suggested, or with the thousands of volunteers steeping up will this clean up be done in time for the 2013 Calgary Stampede as the new Calgary Stampede T-shirt is referring to come ‘Hell or High Water’ the show will go on. I have ordered two of the t-shirts myself as they are donating money from all purchases  to the Red Cross to support the flood victims and aiding in the vast recovery process.

Here is a Canada Day video with some dominoes and with the Canada Anthem as the music.

As we go about our daily tasks on Canada Day 2013 let us open our hearts and our homes for the many flood victims that do not have a home to go to. Help them to feel welcome by showing them the true Canadian spirit especially at this time  of extreme need.

Happy Canada Day Alberta and Canada as we celebrate the birthday of  a great nation with our families, friends and loved ones.

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