Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Travels

Rob Bernshaw, Letter to the Editor
(Rob is a regular columnist here at the Pincher Creek Voice)

I am  not sure what the future holds for me as I go forward but I do know I am enjoying the ride and meeting many wonderful friends along the way.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me the opportunity to be part of your journey to the future. It is a pleasure to be able to continue to participate in southern Alberta the place I love very much, as much as I love Edmonton, the place where I was born. I am especially happy that the opportunity presented itself to my mom (raised 7 of us by herself) when I was at a very early stage on my life's journey that she chose to pack us all up and move us to Glenwood (a small village) in beautiful sunny Southern Alberta and the wide open spaces (I truly enjoy) available there. I was born in the big city but have a cowboy's spirit and heart. I have grown to appreciate that there are always two or more sides to any issue. There is the right side, the left side, the middle, the top, the bottom, and then there is truth's side of the equation.

With a perspective that we are in reality one very strong world community even though we may live in different local communities around this wonderful planet.

I believe we are actually one big family looking after one another to the best of our abilities and in the various ways we have available for us to use.

That being said here is an article that will show what true giving is by people that have very little themselves but they have very big hearts to make up for it.

Cambodian orphans that have very little themselves have opened their big hearts to the flood victims of Southern Alberta and provided of their meager supplies a very big donation of $900.00 dollars. That may not seem much to many of us but it is half of what they were given.

Now that is true world community and world family support.

With the advent of the internet, news is almost instantaneouss and can sometimes be misconstrued as to the actual facts on hand as there is always lots of perception or misperception of what is actually happening in the world around us.

It is always great to have a source available that we can trust in order to present the news in a factual and honest manner for us to read and learn about the world community around us. Thank you Chris for providing a source for the people's voice with The Pincher Creek Voice.
Thank you for letting me be part of the family so to speak with such a wonderful paper and online news source for the people to be heard in an open and sincere manner.

Being human we have the ability to agree or disagree and that is the beauty of being thinking, caring human beings. What one of us does affects the rest of us either directly  or indirectly.(the butterfly effect)

With the recent natural disaster one of the worst in Alberta's history bringing out the best in us humans (unfortunately along with that a little of the worst in some of us comes out as well) we are all able to participate in the manner and to a level that we are all able to.

Let us hope that we will all continue to be thankful and happy that we are alive and well. For those of us that are able to help with food, clothing, shelter or whatever means we have available to us by providing the invaluable help to our neighbors and fellow travelers along life's highway during this catastrophic event. Let us all extend a great big hand of friendship and fellowship to those ravaged by the flood waters that have inundated many communities in Southern Alberta.

Having lived in various Southern Alberta communities after leaving High School I can honestly still call them all home as they will always hold a very special place in my heart. The community of Edmonton where I was born is of course my original home and I have lived in Glenwood, Cardston, Lethbridge, Pincher Creek, Okotoks and Calgary. That is why when this very serious disaster struck in what I still view as my home communities my heart felt sorrow goes out to all people and communities adversely affected. At this time let us all step up to the plate and provide support for all devastated by this unprecedented and one of the worst natural disaster in Alberta's history. Let us help all affected to have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Canada Day so that their future is brighter. In the process as we help their future become brighter we in so doing will brighten our world as well.

Thank you Pincher Creek and Southern Alberta for letting me be part of a wonderful family that will do anything for their neighbor in the true Cowboy way and spirit.
For all those that have been a big part of my life's journey to this point
I would like to  express with a heartfelt thank you for all the opportunities and blessing that you have provided me along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my columns in The Pincher Creek Voice(a true voice of the people). Thank you for supporting Chris and Toni and all the other people involved in making the Pincher Creek Voice and true voice for people to express themselves.

With Sincerity and Thankfulness for all the blessings provided by all of you to myself along our journey together to the future.

Happy travels to the future of unlimited possibilities.

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