Thursday, June 27, 2013

Looking for a Gasoline Powered Irrigation Pump - solved

Jack Krusche, Letter to the Editor*

Picked up my mom from the hospital. (Luckily went in due to a swollen painful elbow - 1 day before the flood.) Drove around Calgary trying to get into Elbow Park. Amazing scenes like a NY meets Godzilla movie. Finally got there via Glenmore and down the hill. Police on intersections. Our old yellow house flooded to top of basement.

 Meanwhile: Picture this, my Mom, a WWII underground vet, pioneering wilderness field geologist, fresh out of a 3 night stay in the hospital, wearing hospital blues, and my hoodie, with 2 crutches, in yellow crocs, walking down the centre of Elbow Drive. No cars no people, a lone police car flashing blue, at the intersection of Sifton and Elbow. She toddles to the front of her house, dirty brown water flowing down the muddy street, peering into into her driveway, water pouring out of her garage. My friend from NY - Phil; helps her across the abandoned city works project, (a trench started 3 days before the flood - 8 feet deep - hidden by the water). She makes it down the muddy driveway, through the garage, into her house. Outside; the River is still raging - 6 feet in front of the house. Inside; the muddy water line - 3 feet above the main floor. 

She goes through the house, in a bit of a daze, picking up random objects, Tibetan silk fabrics from the floor to hang them, to dry? Surveying reports and maps, Those which survived because they were on the active list - hence on tables and desks, anything on the floor, or below table height, soaked. Most family treasures (old paintings/portraits, eg.) saved by my sister - who took them up to the second floor, 4 hours before being evacuated... Meanwhile Phil and I set up 3 sump pumps, and thanks to our friend Madonna, a generator. 

 Finally after we were done that, I went to find her; There she is, washing the dishes in the sink. "Can't leave a mess ..." It is a mess, but could have been much worse. Lots of fun ahead, windows already steamed up, wet wool smell, What is next? Stay dry everyone, impressive action by the City, and all those around us. PS(soon to be available from the basement: Lots of wet Indian saddlery, reins, etc. soaked geology reports from the 50's, antique clothes from the 40-50's miscellaneous tools and ski equipment, and so on.) 

 Cheers; Jack

*correction, this poem was submitted by Mac Main on behalf of Jack Krusche, and the author was initially not properly credited.  Our apologies.

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