Thursday, June 27, 2013

Students met challenges at Canyon Sports Day

Carl Tetachuk, Devin Albert, Kyle Spieght, Taite Jessen and Hunter Austring
Grade 6 Boys Standing long jump winners
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Canyon School held their Sports Day for grades 4-6 on June 24 at St. Michael's field in Pincher Creek.
"Despite the rain, it has been a good day," said Kirby Dietze. He explained that some of the events have been modified so that it is not a true track and field event. One example of that would be that the students threw softballs, rather than shot put balls. "This is still a great time to see students excel in ways that we don't always see in school, and it was a lot of fun."

Tosha Young Man at running long jump

The kids were awarded their ribbons right at the event they participated in, and their were many smiles.

"You're never to old to have fun.  Ever," said grade 4 student Sydney Perrin.  Many of the students that walked back to school at the end of the day felt that they had a great sense of achievement to the day.

Sydney Perrin displays her ribbons

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