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British soccer camp fun for coaches and participants

Running the Austin Powers gauntlet
T. Lucas and Shelley Terpstra photos

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

British Soccer Coaches Ashleigh Morris from Manchester, and Danny Renshaw from Nottingham came all the way from England to teach kids soccer skills here in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

'Crabby' Coach Danny Renshaw steals ball from Megan
The coaches worked with approximately 30 kids from July 22 - 26 during the Pincher Creek stop on their teaching tour.  They had a number of exercises for the kids to engage in, using some of their own style and flair to help the kids along.  Coaches apply for the position and have to go through interviews, a screening process and training in Britain before they come to Canada.  "We do get given a curriculum that we work off of, basically, but we add our own bits," said 21 year old Coach Danny Renshaw.  "I love the travelling, and teaching soccer to the young kids, so I thought this was perfect," said 20 year old Morris.

Toby (6) and Jasper (7) ready to soak the coaches, or photographers!
The two coaches related well to the kids and had exercises that included pop culture.  The kids in the 'Austin Powers Gauntlet' 'Fired the lasers' at the kids running between them.  As they were tagged, they joined in on the side of Dr. Evil and shot soccer ball lasers at their compatriots.  "They like these games," said Renshaw.

Running the gauntlet:  Fire the lasers!
  The Spongebob Squarepants challenge had the Coach Danny acting as a crabby crab, and stealing the balls from the kids as they ran by.  Each child that had a ball stolen by a crab became a crab themselves.

Isabel preps for fight with Coach Ashleigh Morris
The kids had a chance to even the score with their coaches during the giant water fight. "Basically it's their chance to get their own back on us," said Morris.  "They'll soak us.  We've brought the water guns already."

Coach Danny Renshaw under attack!
Shelley Terpstra photo
"It's good," said Renshaw. "You get to travel around and meet a lot of kids.  It's nice to see them develop through to the end of the week.  You can see that they've made progress, and learned some new skills."

He dodged, she got it.
At the beginning of the week teams were created and designated as Canada, England, USA, and Australia. On Friday after the water fight these teams played off against each other for International World Cup Game championship, bragging rights, and fun.
Crabs stealing balls from the Sponge Bobs
The duo have worked for three weeks in Canada, including stops at Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Castlegar, Cranbrook, Pincher Creek, and both will now move on to Fort McMurray.

After the water fight was finished there was one more move on Coach Danny

Brandt Terpstra and other members of Team England
Shelley Terpstra photo

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