Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crestview Highlights July 30, 2013

Submitted by the Residents of Crestview Lodge

Greetings from Crestview,

Canada Day started our month off with some fun and laughter.  We played games and had a wonderful snack of Jello Cake made by our night shift gals.

On the 5th we had a mini spa day.  Charmaine our Activity Co-ordinator pampered us with some homemade manicure scrubs for our hands and feet.  She had also brought us some aroma therapy oils to add to our scrubs.  They smelled wonderful and made our hands feel so soft.

Our coffee outing on the 11th was a hop, skip and jump away; right next door.  We went to the Golf Course Club House for coffee.  The staff there really put themselves out for us, even finding us some ice cream on a hot day.  Thank you to the staff, they made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

Our Pub Night at Crestview this month was kick-up your heels fun!  Bob Davis and Ed Gross entertained us with lively toe-tapping music.  Some of the residents danced and sang to all the great songs.

The big field trip this month was with Vista Village.  On the 24th we joined a group from Vista Village at the Bruder Campground near Twin Butte.  The mouth watering salads, baked goodies, watermelon and of course hotdogs cooked over an open fire.  Now that was a great lunch with fabulous friends!  Thanks to the Bruder Family for hosting, and joining us in our fun.  Other families were camping there and we got to share many giggles over the small children playing and some friendly dogs to pet.  It was wonderful to watch the antics of a small child, while a puppy ate his goodies and then tried to lick the child’s face clean.  What a memorable time; better yet we made it home before the rain storm hit!

During Farley Wuth’s visit to Crestview for Historical Hour, Farley donated a board game which has been developed around rural school experiences.  The game is called “Unfolding the Pages”.  We are intrigued and can’t wait to try it out, thank you Farley.

Last, but not least, we celebrated Audrey B, Joe M, and Irene C’s birthdays.  Our entertainment at our monthly Birthday Party was a band called Play’n Country.  Their music made our toes tap and our faces light up with a smile.  We had another great night of dancing, singing and a wonderful visit with the band after their performance.

Ta Ta for Now.

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