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Lucky ducks!

Ducks away!
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek Rotary Club and Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) held a 'Rubber Ducky, You're the One' duck race on Saturday, July 27.  Thirty one prizes were given away in this race, with the grand prize of $200 given to Mike Gerrand.  Those that bought a duck were welcome to await the outcome at KBPV where they were treated to a wide selection of 20 exotic beers from around the world that they could sample and 5 different types of sausages at the beer garden.

The ducks had a mighty struggle to make it from the Beaver Drive Bridge to the foot bridge beside KBPV.  The ducks were dropped from the bridge on masse with volunteers helping at the base of the bridge to make sure all the ducks were in a row and swimming for gold.

Roy Denby, Lisa and Whitney Holoboff 
Whitney Holoboff and Bryce Crawford were the head duck herders.  Ducks wanted to head for high grass, got caught in shallows, and found every eddy in the creek.  Some ducks refused to go with the flow and tried to head west to the mountains.  These two wrangled the ducks from the start to the finish line, with the assistance of Tanis Bruder, Lisa Holoboff, and Roy Denby.

Whitney Holoboff and Bryce Crawford swept away in the excitement
Volunteers had timed the the drop off point and thought the race would last from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm at the latest,  but the first duck did not float close to the finish line until almost 6:00 pm.

The Bridge Players

Rotary member Dan Crawford admitted that the creek was a little faster the day that they tested the drop off point.  "It rained on the day we did the test run, and it seems to have made a big difference," said Crawford.  Rotary members are considering some changes to the event in the future including having it earlier in the year when the creek is higher. This was a joint effort between the Rotary and KBPV that seemed to make for a good partnership.  "They have their group of people, we have our group of people and we were able to bring both groups together to try something a little different," said Crawford.  "Duck sales went awesome.  We started with 300 ducks, and we sold 300 ducks.  Everyone we talked to wanted to buy a duck."

Galt Baalim and Scott Korbett duck hunters extraordinaire

The serious bird watchers stayed until the first duck was sighted approaching the finish line. Many cheered on the intrepid volunteers who plucked the ducks out of the creek.

Photo-finish entrants got the three-judge treatment
To avoid littering the duck hunters worked until the last duck floated past the finish line.  Prizes were given out based on the ducks position in the race.

Early in the race

Prize winners:  Position, prize, winner, donating party:

1: $200 - Mike Gerrand - Rotary and KBPV
2: Area Rug - David Crowell - Westwind Interior
3: Gift Card - Shannon Robin - Pincher Creek Co-op
4: Steak Supper for 2 - Al Curtis - Pincher Creek Legion
5: Gift Card - Jannet Findlater - Four Winds Real Estate
7: Wash Card - Monica Wright - Sudsy's Car Wash
9: Dog food - Maureen Bevan - Pincher Creek Veterinarian Clinic
11: Pizza - Linda Ykema - Boston Pizza
13: Framed picture - Amanda Sowiak - Glen Ranch Barnwood Originals
14: Gift Certificate - Mona Low - Room to Grow Market Farm
15: First Aid Kit - Mark Barber - Kost Fire and Safety
17: Cat food - Don Carter - Pincher Creek Veterinarian Clinic
18: Pizza - Helen Clymer - Boston Pizza
19: Family Pass to Historic Sites - Emile Schauerte - Anonymous
20: Gift Card - Gail Robinson - Pincher Creek Co-op
30: Wash Card - Tom Kellington - Sudsy's Car Wash
40: Gift Card - Greg Bertiaume - Four Winds Real Estate
50: Pizza - Carrie Kinahan - Boston Pizza
60: Gift Certificate - Gary Lepard - Castle Ford
70: Pizza - Ann Grover - Boston Pizza
80: Gift Certificate - Gary Lepard - Castle Ford
90: Steak Supper for 2 - Lynn Brasnett - Pincher Creek Legion
100: Pizza - Mike Gerrand - Boston Pizza
125: Steak Supper for 2 - Garnet Heinzig - Pincher Creek Legion
150: Pizza - Allan Fouillard - Boston Pizza
175: Gift Card - Tom Holoboff - Pincher Creek Co-op
200: Steak Supper for 2 - Gavin Parker - Pincher Creek Legion
225: Fitness Pass - Doug Paton - Monster Fitness
250: Gift Card - Al Curtis - Pincher Creek Co-op
275: Family Pass to Historic Sites - Al Curtis - Anonymous

Last Duck: $10 - Connie Brown - Rotary and KBPV

Fly, be free!

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    What a great, fun event! Hope it becomes an annual tradition!


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