Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More thunder, lightning, and hail for southern Alberta

Baseball sized hail
Dalan Chrstensen photo
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

At approximately 4:15 pm on July 24, the Pincher Creek area was deluged by a massive thunderstorm that produced hail that ranged from the size of peas to larger than golf balls.

Anita Yanke photo, taken at Ranchland Mall Co-op

Samantha Pollock photo, taken close to St. Michael's School

Within a half an hour the worst of the storm had passed through the Pincher Creek area, but not before leaving its mark.

Samantha Pollock, who lives near St. Michael's School in Pincher Creek, said that her flower beds were flattened by the force of the storm.  Kim Buckingham reported damage to her vehicle including a broken windshield as well as damage to her trailer home and to the roof of the September Springs Ranch Tea House (west of Pincher Creek). Dalan Christensen also ended up with a badly damaged windshield, among other results of the storm.

Cracked Windshield
Dalan Christensen photo
660 news reported a tornado touchdown at approximately 5:00 pm south of Calgary near the De Winton – Highwood airport.

Kim Buckingham photo

Hail damaged roof at September Springs Ranch
Kim Buckingham photo

Hail litters ground at September Springs Ranch
Kim Buckingham photo

Hail damaged windshield
Kim Buckingham photo

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