Friday, July 19, 2013

North Burmis Road, where out-of-the-blue road construction produces musical feedback

David McIntyre, Comment

The attached message to MD of Pincher Creek CAO Wendy Kay, copied to the MD council members and others may be of interest:

Attn: Wendy Kay, CAO MD of Pincher Creek
Dear Wendy,
Re: North Burmis Road, where out-of-the-blue road construction produces musical feedback

Top of the day and, with it, sincere thanks for your ongoing efforts to lessen the impact associated with construction on the North Burmis Rd.

The thanks noted, the out-of-the-blue road construction project that, more than a year ago, descended upon users of the North Burmis Road, continues to dominate life at our doorstep, impact our ability to travel to and from our home and degrade our quality-of-life experiences. 

Even more concerning, we believe that the final product will result in a road that's more dangerous than the one it replaced, more conducive to high-speed accidents, more lethal to wildlife … and far more degrading to the powerful, intrinsic, sense-of-place values associated with the drop-dead-gorgeous, Crown of the Continent landscape that it touches. This is a landscape that Alberta markets around the world, a land on which Hollywood movies continue to be filmed. It's a treasured viewscape on which Travel Alberta recently shot part of its award-winning Remember to Breathe video campaign.

I hope that the MD of Pincher Creek has learned from its experience with the North Burmis Rd. "upgrade," a project that would appear to have placed available money—as I recall, it's nearly four million dollars—and perceived need to impose stringent engineering standards above all other considerations.

I'm attaching, as a form of road-construction feedback, a short soundtrack—it's about 6 minutes long—that includes:
  • a brief from-our-home discussion between my wife (Monica) and me; and
  • a song (Never Gonna Make It) written and sung by Monica.
It's perhaps noteworthy to reveal that some of the lyrics to the song were obtained during the MD of Pincher Creek's December of 2012 meeting (used to introduce users of the road to the project), and via Monica's regular on-the-road discussions with construction staff. (Due to the protracted tenure of the project we now know many of these people on a first-name basis.)

I ask that the MD of Pincher Creek keep a record of this message and the attached audio recording as part of the public record, and that this feedback be reviewed, along with the input from other residents, whenever the MD of Pincher Creek considers embarking on costly projects deemed to be in the interest of society.
I also believe it's paramount that the MD, as it strives to serve the populace, honor the fundamental wants, wishes and values of the people it represents. These values are reflected in the Community Values Assessment for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9, and summarized in the first two pages of the 60-page document, which was delivered to the MD in March of 2012 and funded, in part, by the residents of the MD of Pincher Creek.

Thank you for your efforts to sustain the MD of Pincher Creek's world-class appeal.


Following is the message-described soundtrack (roughly 6 minutes in length): (click here to download)

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  1. Anonymous22/7/13

    If this issue is impacting your "quality of life experiences" and "dominating life at your doorstep", I think you've got too much time on your hands! Go back to writing letters to the editor about issues that are of a bit more import, impact and interest (as we're all sure you will). Suck it up, try adopting a more zen-like attitude and carry on...


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