Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pincher Creek Slow Pitch Tournament wraps up season

Slow Pitch Baseball Tourney 2013
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

The Pincher Creek adult recreational Slow-Pitch League held their end of the season tournament July 26 - 28.  The league holds nine teams that played not for the fame and fortune, but for the fun of it.  Most of them had a ball.

There were awards presented on Saturday to each team.  "So, we would like to hand out an award to two members of each team for whatever reason I chose, or they (the captains and players) chose," said Tanis French, who did not stick to the most valuable or most improved player formula for the final decisions.

Tanis French toots her  horn

The awards were for those that complained the loudest, or toot your own horn, and other titles possibly made up on the spot to show that the members were appreciated, the teams were valued, everybody is human, and that the order of the day was just to have fun and a few laughs along the way.  There were toy tiaras, horns, plastic baseball bats, and other novelties given out with the cups to help underline the soft ribbing that the awards were declaring.  French asked for a show of hands for how many are returning next year, and the vast majority of the players are coming back.

'The Enforcer'  Now with extra tiara power!

The spirit of the games seemed to reflect the relaxed fun atmosphere that the organizers were trying to capture for the season.  Most of the dugout denizens were having fun visiting with friends and enjoying time in the sun and a little friendly competition.  "This is the rec league," said organizer Jeff Kaupp.  "Keep it light, keep it fun."  They had the weekend set up in a round robin that accumulated on Sunday with four games placing the winners in A-D.

Sons of Pitches

The Young and Wreckless defeated the Sons of Pitches for the A final, Hits and Giggles were victorious over the Townies for the B final, Alcohballics won their heat over the Balls of Anarchy for the C final, and the Ballers beat Off Constantly for the D final.

The Raven Lunatics were not included for the final round.

The Ballers


Hits and Giggles

Off Constantly


Balls of Anarchy

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