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Pincher Creek Town Council notes from July 22, 2013 meeting

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

  • Town representatives invited to 4 parades, will attend one
  • Lions Park play structure to proceed with caution
  • Town Council to make voting more accessible for the public
  • Town of Pincher Creek and Piikani Reserve pursuing the FCM Community Economic Development Initiative

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met on the evening of July 22, 2013.  In attendance were Mayor Ernie Olsen and Councillors Wayne Oliver, Don Anderberg, Sahra Hancock, Lorne Jackson, and Murray Lauder.  CAO Laurie Wilgosh was also in attendance.

Town representatives invited to 4 parades, will attend one

During the meeting of July 22 four parade and celebration invitations were discussed.  Cardston Heritage Days Parade held on August 10, Town of Coalhurst 100th Anniversary Celebration to be held on August 10, Picture Butte Jamboree Days Parade to be held on August 17, and Piikani Nations 56th Annual Parade to be held on August 4.  Due to scheduling conflicts the council directed administration to regretfully decline the invitations from Cardston, Coalhurst, and Picture Butte.

The Council accepted the invitation from the Piikani Nation.  Councillor Lorne Jackson or Councillor Sahra Hancock will attend as the Town of Pincher Creek's official  representative.

Lions Park Play Structure to proceed with caution

Pincher Creek Minor Baseball Association  previously extended an offer to Town Council to install a playground structure to the south east of the bleachers of the Lion's Park baseball diamond.  The Association indicated that they would pay for the play structure, and provide the labour for the installation.  The idea behind the plan is to offer recreation to siblings of the ball players.

The association would like the Town to grant permission to install the structure and asks that the Town maintain the equipment once it is in place.  Minor Baseball would like to install the playground before Pincher Creek hosts the Southern Alberta Summer Games in 2014.

Councillor Wayne Oliver said that he talked to the owners of three of the five residences that are adjacent to the proposed site and that they told him that they were in favour of the proposal.  Councillors discussed concerns about the size and quality of of the structure, costs of maintenance and replacement, and the groundwork required before installation, such as leveling the ground.  Other issues that were brought up were the proximity of other playgrounds, the number of playgrounds already established in the town, and appropriate notification to the neighbours that may be directly affected.

The Town of Pincher Creek voted to agree to support in principle the request.  Minor Baseball is to provide a detailed site plan and information of the type of equipment that is to be installed.  Councillor Sahra Hancock was the sole dissenting vote.

Holy Spirit School Board to enter into a joint election service agreement

During the July 22 meeting Council reviewed a request from the Holy Spirit Catholic Separate Regional  School Division #4  to share the Town of Pincher Creek election services and costs during the election that is scheduled to be held October 21, 2013.

Council unanimously agreed to accept the proposal to share the election costs with the Holy Spirit School Division.

Related link: Livingstone Range School Division to enter a Joint Election Services Agreement with the Town of Pincher Creek

Town Council to make voting more accessible for the public

Council unanimously voted to hold voting stations at the Pincher Creek Hospital, Vista Village, Crestview Lodge, and Whispering Winds Village on the day of the election to help those that would like to vote but may have issues going to a voting station.  Council has directed administration to plan  an advanced voting station to be open on Tuesday, October 15, between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.  This station will be held at the Town Hall building.  The day of the election is October 21, 2013.

Oldman River Regional Services Commission resolution approved

In 1995 the Oldman River Intermunicipal Services Agency (ORISA) was formed.   Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) was formed in 2004.

Alberta Municipal Affairs has been conducting a general review of all regional services and commissions across the Province.  Municipal Affairs is requesting a standardized format of paperwork from all the municipalities that are a member of ORRSC.

Council unanimously agreed to  be a municipal member of ORRSC.  The Minister of Municipal Affairs will be notified of this and the appropriate paperwork will be updated.

Town of Pincher Creek and Piikani Reserve pursuing the FCM Community Economic Development Initiative

Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
and the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (Cando) would like to create opportunities between First Nations and adjacent municipalities to understand each other's community economic development and help create joint economic development planning.

To this end over 280 communities across Canada have filled out a survey for municipality/First Nation partnership and have contacted the CEDI.  This has been short listed to 28 possible paired communities that will be winnowed down to 7 paired community finalists.  Pincher Creek and Piikani Nation are in the list of 28 possible communities.  The seven finalists will have access to grant money, will be involved with the program for a period of 2 years and the Economic Development Officer(s) will be expected to spend 10 working days per year focused on this project that runs in two year increments from 2013 - 2016.

In return the CEDI will offer mechanisms to help the partnering communities.  These include guidebooks, solution sheets, relationship and strategic planning workshops, study tours, and community capacity building grants.

Council unanimously granted approval to continue pursuing this initiative.

Strathcona Council Support for High River Challenge 

Strathcona Council has voted to assist in the High River Flood Recovery Program by donating one dollar per capita or $92,490  to this effort.  The Strathcona Council Support for High River Challenge would have other communities donate one dollar for every person.  For the Town of Pincher Creek that challenge would translate into a donation of $3,685.

Councillors discussed a number of High River initiatives that the population of Pincher Creek have already started on their own accord.  They talked about the efforts already done by the Town of Pincher Creek with sending supplies, equipment and staff up during the early stages of flood recovery.  "It's not our job to pass out our citizens' tax money somewhere else," said Mayor Ernie Olsen.  He indicated that donating is a personal choice and that the citizens of Pincher Creek have been collecting money for that cause.  "It is a great cause," he said.

The Council voted to provide administrative and / or operational resources to the Town of High River wherever possible.

Macleod Road addresses to change to Macleod Street

Council voted to make the Macleod Street civic addresses on the east side of Waterton Avenue or Highway 6 will be unified as Macleod Street.  Half of the properties along that street currently have the designation of Macleod Road, the other half are technically on Macleod Street. Councillor Lorne Jackson said that this may cause some frustration with business owners that may have to change stationary to a new address.  Councillor Wayne Oliver said that this will cause less confusion in the future and is a safety issue.  ORRSC will have to update the civic map to reflect these changes.

Piikani Nation is to pay to play ball

Piikani Nation put in a request to have the fees waived for use of the ball diamonds at Juan Teran Park during the Piikani Nation Softball Tournament held August 2 - 4, part of the 56th Annual Piikani Celebrations.  Rental of the facilities for the time period including the concession is $860.  Minor Baseball, Minor Soccer, Co-ed Slow Pitch have all had to pay their assessed prices for the use of the facilities.  According to CAO Laurie Wilgosh the Town of Pincher Creek will offer merchandise and passes for prizes or sale during the festivities and the use of the facility free of charge on Friday evening.  The Piikani Nation Tournament is assessed as out of region and they are not part of the tax base for the Town or MD of Pincher Creek.

Council voted that there would not be a reduction in the cost for the use of the sports field the full $860 was applied.

In Camera

After the public meeting the Council went in camera to discuss Land - Lease Agreement, Proposal, and an Offer to Purchase.  There were also discussion regarding Labour  - Office closure and EDC Committee Member Appointment.

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