Monday, July 29, 2013

Windfarm zoning questioned

CALUA, Letter to the Editor

To Pincher Creek and District residents:

Did you know that there is NO zoning bylaw in effect anywhere in the MD that restricts industrial development, like windfarms?

That includes all areas west of Highway # 6 to Waterton Park.  This issue has come to a vote twice in the last twelve years, the last time being seven years ago.  Both times MD Council voted down the resolution to set up a “no go zone” for windfarms.  This was due to the amount of adverse reaction to the resolution at the public meetings.

How do you feel about this now?
How do your neighbours feel about this?
Do you know how your councilor/candidate feels about this issue?
Have you asked your councilor where they stand on this issue?

If not ask them and find out. You need to understand what these developments could mean for you and your families.

Think about it: one of the prettiest areas in the world. Is it worth the irrecoverable loss of scenery and location land value for many in exchange for small financial gain for a few?

Respectfully submitted by CALUA  (Chinook Area Land Users Association)

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