Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Woman spends cold wet night lost in Kananaskis woods

On Sunday 28 July 2013 at 7:30 PM RCMP in Turner Valley, Alberta fielded a 911 call from a twenty three year old woman who was lost in the woods.  She had been working in the Windy Point Ridge area in Kananaskis Country west of Turner Valley and told RCMP dispatchers she did not know where she was.

The woman had been doing research on Bighorn sheep and had become disoriented after encountering some bears.

When Phone contact was lost with the woman , RCMP, Provincial Conservation officers and the volunteer Foothills Search and Rescue Association deployed to the area.  Searchers immediately set out on the trails and searched at night despite heavy rain, and a driving wind.

 On Monday Morning, 29 July 2013, further RCMP members, Conservation officers and Foothills Search and Rescue members joined the search. A helicopter was brought in and at 10:30 AM and the woman was spotted from the air. The helicopter was able to land nearby and the woman was found to be cold, wet and tired. However, other than mild hypothermia, she did not have any injuries and did not require hospitalization. She is a resident of Calgary.

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