Thursday, October 31, 2013

Air Cadet receives Long Service medal

Photo: Flight Corporal Hanuse (front center) attends to Cadet Morrow (front left) and Cadet Gray (front right) who received nametags and commemorative pins, as Flight Sergeant Smith (far right) looks on.

859 Crowsnest Military Police Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Flight Sergeant Nigal Smith was presented with the Air Cadet Long Service medal on Monday, October 28th. He qualified by serving with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Royal Canadian Air Cadets for a combined period of 4 years.

Thank You from Helen Cyr


A heartfelt thanks to all those who voted for me in the last election and supported me for the last three years as Councillor of Division 1.  I especially thank those who helped with my campaigning.

I am very proud to have been able to represent this community fairly and honestly.

Sincerely, Helen Cyr

Can Alberta save the South Saskatchewan Watershed?

David McIntyre, Letter to the Editor

Throughout the grasslands and forested headwaters of southern Alberta, Albertans have, for decades, witnessed an ever-accelerating tide of rampant degradation. All across this iconic, world-class landscape, heritage values have been eroded.

Five years ago the Government of Alberta recognized the wholesale loss of cherished and intrinsic virtue and promised action.

Southwest Rockies defeat Mountaineers

  • Rockies defeat Mountaineers
  • Pincher players having great success with Rockies
  • Rockies loss to Venom
  • Rockies @ Pincher Creek on Sunday, November 3 to take on Nanton,  noon start
Rockies vs Mountaineers at Coleman rink
C. Davis photo

Frank McTighe, Macleod Gazette Editor

The Southwest Rockies finally broke into the win column Oct. 26 at the Crowsnest Pass.

The Rockies thumped the visiting Calgary Edge School Mountaineers 7-1 to improve their South Central Bantam AA Hockey League record to 1-5-1.

JV and Senior girls volleyball: Dragons host Eagles

Dragons vs Eagles
C. Davis photos, T. Lucas video
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

On the evening of October 30 the St. Michael's Girls JV and Senior Dragons volleyball teams hosted their counterparts the Immanuel Christian Eagles from Lethbridge.  This was to be the Dragons last home game of the season.  The JV game was played, but was automatically forfeited by the Dragons, as they have Senior players on their JV team.  The  Dragons won the Senior match.

New MD of Pincher Creek council elects Reeve, makes committee appointments

Council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9
Councillors Fred Schoening And Grant McNab, Deputy Reeve Terry Yagos, Reeve Brian Hammond, Councillor Garry Marchuk

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

  • Brian Hammond elected Reeve, Terry Yagos acclaimed Deputy Reeve
  • Meeting times and dates set
  • Appointments to Committees, Boards, and Commissions
  • Budget discussions scheduled for November 4

The new Council for the Municipal District of Pincher Creek Number 9 was sworn in at a special organizational meeting held on Tuesday afternoon, October 29.

Dragons face Dragons, Dragons JV Boys triumphant

Dragon girls interrupt the Dragon boys planning session
T. Lucas photos and video

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

The rivalry match of the season!  A battle between genders and experience took place on October 29 at St. Michael's School's Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium when the JV Boys volleyball team challenged the Senior Girls team, to be officiated by Girls Coach Mr. Speelman.

Dragon girls getting ready for the game

Canyon students earn $4,811 for Terry Fox run, teachers eat pie

Mr. Lach, Mr. Dietze, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Van Orman
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas Pincher Creek Voice

Canyon School teachers are proud that their students reached and exceeded a pie-in-the-sky goal of raising $3,500.00 for the 2013 Terry Fox Run.   The goal was not only reached, it was exceeded to the tune of a $4,811 total raised on behalf of the school's effort.

RCMP and AHS Halloween Safety Tips

Don't get into a car with someone you don't know.
RCMP Halloween Safety Tips

Every year in late October, people get together to celebrate Halloween. Costumes, parties and trick or treating are all part of the fun; but as always, there are some things to watch out for. So, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you have a fun filled and safe Halloween.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 CNP Green and Gold Girls JV and Senior Volleyball Tournament

Foremost Falcons
2013 CNP Green and Gold Senior Girls Volleyball Champions
T. Lucas photo

Toni Lucas Pincher Creek Voice

Both Senior and JV Girls gathered at the Crowsnest Consolidated High School Friday October 25 and Saturday October 26 for the annual Green and Gold Volleyball Tournament, attended by southern Alberta high schools.   Participants came from Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek, Piikani, Fort Macleod, Stirling, Erle Rivers, Foremost and Vauxhall.  The gymnasium was split so that two games could be played simultaneously throughout the tournament.

Thank you from Rodney Cyr


Thank you to all the Ratepayers of Pincher Creek MD #9 for the privilege to serve you as councillor for 15 years.

                     ~ Rodney Cyr, Division #2

Canadian Avalanche Centre warns backcountry users about new smartphone apps

Canadian Avalanche Centre

Apps marketed as transceivers give users false sense of protection Canadian Avalanche Centre

Smartphone avalanche search applications that are marketed as avalanche rescue systems are not recommended, says the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC). Three European-made apps are presenting themselves as economical alternatives to avalanche transceivers, the electronic device used by backcountry users to find buried companions in case of an avalanche.

After close examination, the CAC has found a number of issues with the technology. Two of the main issues are compatibility and frequency range. All avalanche transceivers conform to an international standard of 457 kHz. Regardless of the brand, all transceivers can be used to search and find other transceivers. “Not only are these new apps incapable of connecting with other avalanche transceivers, they are also incompatible between themselves, so one type of app can’t find another,” explains CAC Executive Director Gilles Valade.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MHHS Experiential Learning Week construction project

Young carpenters with teacher Zach Harris
T. Lucas and C. Davis photos
Toni Lucas - The Construction component of Matthew Halton School's Experiential Week was led by teacher Zach Harris. He supervised 20 students from grade 7 - 12 as they tore down and rebuilt an old fence and deck at a local property. The homeowner paid for the supplies and 20 students worked together to build a deck, 160 feet of fence, and a front step.


Double wins for Midget Huskies

Pincher Creek Midget Huskies vs Bow Island Rebels
C. Davis photo
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek's Midget Huskies started their 2013-2014 season the right way, with a home-ice season opener 4-2 win against Bow Island on Friday October 25 and a 5-3 away win against Coaldale the next day.

Home opener:  Huskies vs Rebels

A sizable crowd was fortunate to be in attendance at the Midget Huskies home/season opener against the Bow Island Rebels on Friday evening, October 25.  Both teams hit the ice running, but Bow Island appeared to have the edge in the early part of the game, keeping the pressure on and lobbing lots of shots at the Huskies' net. Huskies goalie #33 Jeremy Kretz did a remarkable job, stopping shot after shot.

MHHS Experiential Learning Wee - Boxcar Mechanics

Team Red Bull:  Thank you for the headcam footage
Video and photos:  Team Red Bull, C. Davis, T. Lucas
Pincher Creek's Matthew Halton School tried out something new last week.  This is one of a series of stories about Experiential Week, which gave students a chance to stretch in new directions. 

Video by C. Davis, T. Lucas and Team Red Bull (GoPro helmet cam)

Toni Lucas - Matthew Halton School Automotive Teacher Mr. Travis Epp had 24 kids from grades 7 - 12 make 9 boxcars in one week. These mechanical marvels were put together out of supplies from the automotive shop and woodworking class. Riders wore helmets as they plummeted down Police Avenue as fast as their carts could carry them. The road was closed off for the race, with EMS personnel on standby in case of any trouble. Bylaw officers Nigel Whittington and Gordon Pitt clocked the kids with the speed sentry. Events included speed trials, a slalom course, and turning and braking. 

Team Tonka
Not every cart made it through one run all the way to the bottom, but even during the worst crashes the worst injuries were bruised egos.

Some drivers required an extra push, some went off track entirely, and Reed of Team Bumblebee abandoned his vehicle to sprint down the hill. How he lost his shoe in the process is a mystery to me.

Team Bumblebee

In the speed trials Team Monster and Team Red Bull were each clocked at 33 km/h and had the chance to race each other at the same time.  For that one run both teams were on a steeper part of the hill than the earlier trials and would be relying on gravity rather than a push from teammates to start them off.  Team Red Bull got off to a better start and won the race.

Experiential learning week: First aid and photography on hand

The slalom was a challenge too difficult for some to contemplate.  The pylons got bruised. One team laid rubber when they stopped very quickly for the brakes challenge.

Original starting point

Boxcar teams:

  • Firebird - Jaslyn and Ewen
  • Bumblebee - Reed and Tanner
  • #19 - Colten, Jacoby and Tyler
  • Red Bull - Luke, Joel and Stuart
  • Tonka - Tomas, Devin, Jarret and Prabjot
  • Monster - Lachlan, Mac and Mitchel
  • #69 - Jack and Riley
  • Team Duct Tape - Tyler, Jeremy and Ben
  • Team Mario Cart - Zac and Derrick

5 Blooms and a special mention for Pincher Creek

Communities in |Bloom press release

The Town of Pincher Creek received a 5 Bloom rating and a special mention for Pincher People Power during the Communities in Bloom 2013 National Symposium and Awards Ceremonies at Canada's Capital Region, Ottawa-Gatineau on October 25th and 26th.

The community participated in the Circle of Excellence Evaluated category.

New Town of Pincher Creek Council sworn in

The new Council for the Town of Pincher Creek, October 28, 2013
T. Lucas photos

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

  • Swearing in Ceremony
  • Resident requests  interest on tax penalty to be waived
  • Anderberg to attend  Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade and Crowsnest Pass Christmas in the Mountains Parade on behalf of the Town of Pincher Creek
  • Council approves Dick Burnham to review Library financial statements
  • Electronic tools to be purchased for Councillors
  • Community Social Service Workers Appreciation Day, November 6
  • Unofficial appointment results of the Organizational Meeting
  • Photos: Pincher Creek's new Town Council
Piper Margaret Hanna

Before the meeting of Pincher Creek's newly elected and acclaimed Town Council  that occurred on Monday October 28, 2013, there was a gathering that was open to the public that allowed new and outgoing Council members and interested members of the public the chance to mix and mingle on an informal basis.  Many came to congratulate the new members of Council and to see the swearing in ceremony.  This was also a chance for new members of Council to meet CAO Laurie Wilgosh, Finance Officer Wendy Catonio, Recreation Manager Diane Burt-Stuckey,  Manager of Legislative Services Gus Kollee, and Director of Operations Al Roth, along with other administrative and operational Town staff members.

In Council Chambers

Swearing in Ceremony

The new members were piped into the Council Chambers by Animal Control Officer Margaret Hanna, followed by the flagbearers, Town of Pincher Creek Bylaw Officers Nigel Whittington with the flag of Canada and Gordon Pitt with the flag of Alberta.  Then the new mayor elect and council elect entered the council chamber.

There was a Swearing in Ceremony for the new Council officiated by CAO Laurie Wilgosh, assisted by officers Whittington and Pitt.  New Mayor Don Anderberg was sworn in, followed by each Councillor in turn. An organizational meeting followed (details below).

The newly sworn in members of Pincher Creek's Town Council included Mayor Don Anderberg and Councillors Adrian Hartman, Wayne Elliott, Mark Barber, Tammy Rubbelke, Lorne Jackson, and Douglas Thornton.

Video: Swearing in ceremony:

Photos: Your new Town Councillor

Mayor Don Anderberg

Councillor Tammy Rubbelke

Councillor Adrian Hartman

Councillor Douglas Thornton

Councillor Lorne Jackson

Councillor Mark Barber

Councillor Wayne Elliott


Monday, October 28, 2013

RHL season begins - Mustangs defeat Huskies

2013-2014 RHL Huskies
C. Davis photos except*
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

  • Huskies have some work to do, fan support is strong

Pincher Creek's Senior Huskies hosted Fort Macleod's Mustangs at the Memorial Community Centre arena on Saturday evening for the first game of the 2013-2014 Ranchland Hockey League (RHL) season.

Town of Pincher Creek Mayor-elect Don Anderberg drops first puck of RHL season
Mustangs Captain Landen Marr, Don Anderberg, Huskies defenceman Sam Quinlan
A sizeable crowd turned out for the Huskies/Mustangs game.  A short ceremony was conducted prior to the game.  Junior hockey players promenaded federal, provincial, and Town of Pincher Creek flags, Alyssa Barbero led the crowd in the singing of 'O Canada', and Mayor-elect Don Anderberg performed the ceremonial first puck drop of the season.  Anderberg reminisced with me about his younger years as an avid hockey player in the region, and said he was thrilled to be invited to participate in the ceremony.

10 minutes for singing so good - Alyssa Barbero in the penalty box before anthem gig
Play was brisk from the start, lots of back and forth, and lots of dust on the bottle for both teams.  Neither team managed to score in the first, and it seemed like we were in for a game of evenly matched play.  Then the second period happened.  1 goal for the Huskies in the second, 4 for the Mustangs.  The third period was more of the same one sided scoring, only this time it was 5 goals for the Mustangs to 1 goal for the Huskies.

Pincher Creek's groovy Ladies Night club at the game
Bottom line, the Mustangs won it 9 -2.

The Mustangs also rang up three times as many penalties as the Huskies.

*Randy Wittkopf scored unassisted for the Huskies in the second, the first Huskies goal of the season. Matthew Hammel scored for the Huskies in the third, assisted by Ian Hagen and Joey Gibboney.  Scoring for Fort Macleod - a shorter list would be who didn't - Willie David (who also got an assist), Mark Mills (twice), Taylor Bilodeau, Abe Jensen, Tyce Gallamore (who also got an assist), and Leo Lacarier (twice).  Also getting assists for the Mustangs were Harold Hourie,  Jadon Patafie (twice), Cole Matson, Garret Smith, Tyson Thompson, Zach Kottke, and Kent Brewer.

Lloyd Lybbert photo
Greg Shackel is the Head Coach for the Huskies this year, assisted by James Elliott, and Tony Radvak.  Elliott and Radvak were coaching this game because Shackel was in the States.

Huskies General Manager Jeff Kaupp took a little time out after the game to talk about this season's team.  "The big difference to this year is that we have a lot of new guys, rookies to the league.  We have guys from outside of Pincher, whereas last year it was mainly Pincher.  We've got a few guys from Pincher, and a few guys from Calgary."

"It's a little bit different, a little bit younger team.  There are guys that just came out of the Midget program in Pincher here. From last years Midgets we have Tristan Doell, Brent Tarcon, and Braden Clairingbull right now."

Lloyd Lybbert photo

"I don't think that the scores really indicative of how the game was," Kaupp said.  "We had half of a game that was really bad.  I think really we've just got a lot of things we have to work on as a team, moulding these guys together.  A lot of these guys have never played with each other, ever... hardly know each other's names."

Acclaimed Town of Pincher Creek Councillor Wayne Elliott
hangs with the Ladies Night Out crowd during intermission
Scandalous!  This is a Roughriders town!

There are four teams in the RHL again this season.  A fifth team, the Okotoks Drillers, was expected to join the RHL but didn't.  The RHL teams are: Pincher Creek Huskies, Fort Macleod Mustangs, Nanton Palominos, and Lomond Lakers.

*Lloyd Lybbert photo
Catch the RHL Huskies in action again next Saturday, November 2 starting at 8:00 pm when they take on the Nanton Palominos for the first time this season. The Palominos were the RHL playoff and Provincial 'A' champions for the 2012-2013 season.

*correction: Randy Wittkopf scored the first Huskies goal, not as previously reported.

Accident at the junction of Highways 3 and 22

On Monday, October 28 at roughly 10:30 am, there was a motor vehicle collision at the junction of Highway 3 and Highway 22.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded with one rescue vehicle, a fire engine and one ambulance.

There was minor damage to both vehicles.  Occupants of the vehicles were checked for injuries and released on the scene.

Policing in Alberta to October 28, 2013

RCMP press releases
  • Pincher Creek RCMP Media Summary, October 21-28, 2013
  • Missing High Prairie 15-year-old female located
  • Arrests made in Foothills relating to stolen firearms
  • RCMP Three Hills Fatal Collision
  • RCMP Investigating Fatal Collision near Clairmont
  • Bull shot by unknown culprit(s)
  • RCMP Red Deer City Public Safety Compliance Team checks on drinking establishments
  • Grande Prairie RCMP Weekend News Summary
  • Public advisory about male committing an indecent act in Beaumont
  • ITU Reminder for All Albertans about Safe Winter Driving

  • CBSA press release: Charges laid in gun smuggling case at Coutts

Random acts of kindness, noticed

Toni Lucas, Comment, Pincher Creek Voice

Yesterday, I had several random acts of kindness come my way.  Like the sunshine breaking through the clouds on a gloomy day they added warmth and light.  That warmth and light gave me the chance to look at things with a heightened perspective.  The people involved may not have known how deeply they impacted my day.  Indeed, they may not be aware that they impacted me at all.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Atom Chinooks struggle in home game against Crowsnest Thunder

Atom hockey: Chinooks vs Thunder
C. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

It was a tough weekend for Pincher Creek's Atom Chinooks.  On Saturday they lost a goalie and an away game against Raymond's Ice, and on Sunday they hosted the mighty Crowsnest Thunder at Pincher Creek's Memorial Community Centre arena.

Peewee Mustangs Snow Bowl

Peewee Mustangs and Cochrane Rage at Matthew Halton field
C. Davis photos and video
Coach Tom Holobof, Contributor

Well sports fans, the Peewee Mustangs season came slip slidin' away with out of control fun today, October 27. The weatherman decided to snow on our parade, but did that stop the Peewee Mustangs and the Cochrane Rage? "No, bring it on!!" they screamed. No you could not see grass, no you could not feel fingers and toes, but that is how it goes with football in October. So with the snow came the Cochrane Rage and a snow bowl game to be played.

Rockies defeat Edge School

Rockies vs Edge School
C. Davis photos
The AA Bantam South West Rockies defeated Edge School 7-1 at the Coleman arena on Saturday afternoon, October 27.   The Rockies are scheduled to be at their other home arena in Pincher Creek on Sunday, November 3 to take on Nanton, game to start at noon.

Athlete of the Day, October 27, 2013: Rylan Bruns

Rylan Bruns
Rylan Bruns of Pincher Creek's Atom Chinooks earned the respect of his coaches, teammates, family, hockey fans, and opponents this week when he stepped into the role of goaltender when his team needed him most, after their regular goalie unexpectedly left the game (edit).  In borrowed gear more than a little bit too large for him he put in 100% in the most difficult position in hockey, against some overwhelming odds.  In the game of life this young man scored big points, the kind of points that really matter, and even if he doesn't decide to be a goalie long-term it's going to help his game too.   Thanks for making sure the Atom Chinooks could carry on this week, Rylan.

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