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2013 CNP Green and Gold Girls JV and Senior Volleyball Tournament

Foremost Falcons
2013 CNP Green and Gold Senior Girls Volleyball Champions
T. Lucas photo

Toni Lucas Pincher Creek Voice

Both Senior and JV Girls gathered at the Crowsnest Consolidated High School Friday October 25 and Saturday October 26 for the annual Green and Gold Volleyball Tournament, attended by southern Alberta high schools.   Participants came from Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek, Piikani, Fort Macleod, Stirling, Erle Rivers, Foremost and Vauxhall.  The gymnasium was split so that two games could be played simultaneously throughout the tournament.

JV Tournament

JV teams played 6 games to go to playoffs.  At the end of the round robin, the standings were:
  1. Stirling Lakers - 6 wins
  2. Erle Rivers Novas - 4 wins
  3. Crowsnest Pass Pandas - 1 win
  4. Piikani Lady Redskins 1 win
During the JV playoffs it came down to a match between Stirling Lakers and the Erle Rivers Novas where the Novas won the match.

Senior Round Robin, Consolation and Championship

Senior Dragons vs Queens
The Senior teams went through the round robin  were each team played 10 games.  At the the end of the round robin the standings were:
  1.  Foremost Falcons - 10 wins
  2.  St. Michael's Dragons - 5 wins, five losses
  3. Vauxhall Queens - 5 wins 5 losses
  4. Crowsnest Pass Pandas - 5 wins, 5 losses
  5. Ft. Macleod  Flyers - 3 wins
  6. Claresholm Cobras - 2 wins

The Falcons were in the number one spot, with the Dragons, Queens, and Pandas tied on win/loss of five each.   Standings were then determined by points to establish rankings.

Fort Macleod F.P Walshe Flyers defeated the CCHS Cobras in the last game of the round robin, putting them right back on the court to face the Pandas for the consolation round.    Dragons had a 30 minute break after defeating the Queens before facing the Falcons in the Championship round.

Senior Girls Consolation Game:  Crowsnest Pass Pandas vs F.P. Walshe Flyers

F.P. Walshe Senior Girls Flyers
T. Lucas photo
In the Consolation round the Pandas got off to a slow start being quickly defeated during the first set.  The Flyers kept up the pressure and even though the Pandas put on steam the Flyers won the second set 26 - 24, having the Flyers winning the match and the consolation round.

Senior Pandas vs Flyers

Championship Game:  Foremost Falcons vs St. Michael's Dragons

2013 St. Michael's Dragons Senior Girls Volleyball Team
Wendy Svab photo
For the championship game it would be the Falcons against the Dragons.  The Falcons had not lost a single game in the tournament, and they were fresh.  The last time they had been on the court it was to face the Dragons hours earlier.  The Dragons had played two of their games in between, making this their 4th game in a row.

Senior Dragons vs Falcons
T.Lucas photo

The Dragons were flagging.  It had been a long hard run, and they were feeling every step of hours on the court.  The first set went by in a blur, with the  Falcons flying high.  First set of the match:  Falcons.  The next set the the Dragons picked up their game and fought hard winning 17 points in the set and coming in second after the Falcons win in the tournament.

Foremost Senior Falcons

"We have four returning seniors from previous years, and some played last year at the Junior level," said host team Crowsnest Pass Pandas Senior Head Coach Rhonda Jackson.  "I feel that with the skills that we have, as a senior team, we've done extremely well.  We've brought the other girls along and they fit in quite nicely.  It's good to see.  The comments were positive about the tournament itself."

Round Robin Games in video and photos

Senior teams: Falcons vs Dragons, Flyers vs Pandas, Cobras vs Dragons, Flyers vs Cobras, Dragons vs Queens, Crowsnest Pass Pandas vs F.P. Walshe Flyers, Foremost Falcons vs St. Michael's Dragons. Consolation and Championship game at end.

Savannah Miller and Monica Guild

Artwork at Crowsnest Consolidated High School

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