Thursday, October 31, 2013

Canyon students earn $4,811 for Terry Fox run, teachers eat pie

Mr. Lach, Mr. Dietze, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Van Orman
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas Pincher Creek Voice

Canyon School teachers are proud that their students reached and exceeded a pie-in-the-sky goal of raising $3,500.00 for the 2013 Terry Fox Run.   The goal was not only reached, it was exceeded to the tune of a $4,811 total raised on behalf of the school's effort.

The male teachers at the school said that they were going to have a pie eating contest if the students reached this goal. On October 29 in the school gymnasium the four male teachers on staff donned protective gear, and set out to eat as much pie as they could in three minutes.   The contestants were Mr. 'Lucky' Lach, Mr. 'Daredevil' Dietze, Mr. 'Jolly' Johnson and Mr. 'Vroom-Vroom' Van Orman.

The pies were presented with great ceremony, and the school broke out in cheering for the various contestants.  The excitement of the kids was palpable throughout the entire event.  Mrs. Riedel presided over the event.

Each had their own techniques.  Lucky and Daredevil would sit fully up, and let the kids see their faces, much to the delight of the entire student body.  Jolly kept his head down, his eye on the goal, and Vroom-Vroom sped through as best he could.

Mr. Lach and Mr. Dietze did really well and had fun.
The pies were shown after the timer ran out and Mr. Van Orman was declared the winner.  The real winners were the kids.  They were shown what they could do together working for one goal, and were thrilled that that the adults honoured their commitment.  The event was received with so much excitement and cheering that Mrs. Riedel suggested that the female teachers get in on next years fun, whatever the post Terry Fox event may be.

Mr. Van Orman declared the winner

"I got to eat pie, I was a winner," said Mr. Deitze after the contest was over.

Mrs. Irene Hollander came for the walk

Mrs. Irene Hollander was publicly recognized for the contribution that she made toward the walk.  When there was no public Terry Fox Run held in Pincher Creek she requested that she join the school.  "It was a privilege to be able to walk with the kids," said Hollander, who was delighted that she was once again able to walk for Terry Fox.

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  1. Anonymous31/10/13

    Way to go Canyon students and their families and everyone who contributed!! Cudos to the male teachers who particpated in the pie eating contest. Most of all Thank You to Sylvia Riedel who every year organizes Terry Fox Walk for Canyon!!


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