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Double wins for Midget Huskies

Pincher Creek Midget Huskies vs Bow Island Rebels
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Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek's Midget Huskies started their 2013-2014 season the right way, with a home-ice season opener 4-2 win against Bow Island on Friday October 25 and a 5-3 away win against Coaldale the next day.

Home opener:  Huskies vs Rebels

A sizable crowd was fortunate to be in attendance at the Midget Huskies home/season opener against the Bow Island Rebels on Friday evening, October 25.  Both teams hit the ice running, but Bow Island appeared to have the edge in the early part of the game, keeping the pressure on and lobbing lots of shots at the Huskies' net. Huskies goalie #33 Jeremy Kretz did a remarkable job, stopping shot after shot.

Fast action, lots of back and forth, lots of enthusiasm.  The Rebels have a very strong passing play, and it played in their favour everywhere except at the net.  The Huskies' passing play was weak in spots, lots of missed connections, but improved steadily as the game went on. With 3:14 remaining in the first period Blair Goodreau scored unassisted for the Huskies, and the score stood at 1-0 at the end of the period.

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Despite an excess of rough stuff, the Huskies had a great second period.  Huskies Captain #22 Zach Wall made a determined run to the Rebels' net, scoring at the 16:05 mark and bringing the score to 2-0 for the Huskies.  Calahan Bruder got an assist on that play.  Tempers flared shortly after that, and Bruder made his first trip to the penalty box, the first of six penalties he accrued in this game.  At the 7:02 mark Huskies #16 Derek Tarcon scored a shorthanded goal, assisted by #7 Freddy Bruder.  3-0 Huskies.  Huskies #23 Craig Marshall scored with 4:32 remaining in the period, assisted by Derek Tarcon.  The score stood at 4-0 Huskies at the end of the second period.

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The score, particularly at that point, wasn't really indicative of the quality of play.  The Rebels played very well, and a tweak of fate here and there could have resulted in a very different score by this point.  it's safe to assume that any game between these two teams this season is going to be a corker. 

Lloyd Lybbert photo
The Huskies came out strong in the third period, much like the Rebels did in the first, and being up 4-0 was probably a factor in their thoughts.  Play was choppy, with thing like penalties and injuries and a time out interrupting the game at frequent intervals.  Bow Island got on the scoreboard at the 12:58 mark when #4 Austin Piper scored, assisted by Alex Young.  4-1 Huskies.  Frankly, this Pincher Creek fan was glad to see the Rebels make it to the scoreboard, because they were playing too good for a blanking.  After that goal the rough stuff started to increase. Rebels' Captain #22 Tristan Stensrud scored a five-on-five goal with 7:11 remaining in the game, assisted by Austin Piper, bringing the score to 4-2 in the Huskies' favour, which is where it remained until the final buzzer.  The last couple of minutes of the game stretched on and on due to penalties etc. but didn't change the outcome.  I suppose it's just how these guys say "Hi, haven't seen you for a season, how have you been".

Bottom line, a very entertaining game.

Midget Huskies Kent Goodreau was understandably pleased with the team's performance in their first league game of the season.  "I was very impressed with the way the boys played hockey tonight," he said.  "It's a young team, We had a lot of older kids that finished their career in Pincher, and moved on, or third year kids that are leading the team, as you can see tonight."

"We've got five that were Bantams last year."

As to the team's success, according to Goodreau  "It's the players, not the coaches".

The team played an away game against Coaldale the next day and won that one 5-3.  That's a promising start, because Coaldale is historically very tough competition.

The Midget Huskies will be on the road next weekend, with two games scheduled against Irvine, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The weekend after that they bring it back home, with a game scheduled against Kainai on Friday November 8 starting at 8:00 pm and a game scheduled against Warner on Saturday November 9 starting at 5:00 pm, both games at Pincher Creek's Memorial Community Centre arena.

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