Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dragons face Dragons, Dragons JV Boys triumphant

Dragon girls interrupt the Dragon boys planning session
T. Lucas photos and video

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

The rivalry match of the season!  A battle between genders and experience took place on October 29 at St. Michael's School's Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium when the JV Boys volleyball team challenged the Senior Girls team, to be officiated by Girls Coach Mr. Speelman.

Dragon girls getting ready for the game
Dragons against Dragons.  In some cases it was brother against sister.  In those instances, this just got personal. It could be war, sports fans, pure and simple, make no mistake.

It started off as the chance for the boys and girls to both have some court time, and improve their teamwork skills while facing an opponent.  A learning opportunity.  It quickly grew into something much bigger.  Bragging rights.

The Girls had recently shown what they were made of at the Green and Gold Tournament.  They came in second against teams from across southern Alberta.  Facing that level of experience, the boys were still on the court to win.

The Girls appeared to be slightly patronizing towards the Boys in the first set.  After all, these are the younger kids in the hallways.  The Boys were having none of it.  The Boys outdistanced the Girls by 10 points or more.  The Girls would have to work hard to bridge the gap, and they didn't do it.  First set:  Boys.

The second set the Girls were more wary.  They worked their team skills with more finesse, but the Boys were in fine form, adrenaline spiking.  They were prepared to make the most of the time that they had on the floor.  This time the Girls experience took them through and they won the set.  It was now 1 - 1.

The Boys were not daunted.  They dug in and won the next set making it 2 - 1.  This meant that the Girls would have to win the fourth set, just to stay in the game.

The Boys prevailed on the fourth and final set, taking the match 3 - 1, thus winning  bragging rights.

Both teams had the chance to show each other what they were really made of, and learn through the cooperative effort of both teams.

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