Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MHHS Experiential Learning Wee - Boxcar Mechanics

Team Red Bull:  Thank you for the headcam footage
Video and photos:  Team Red Bull, C. Davis, T. Lucas
Pincher Creek's Matthew Halton School tried out something new last week.  This is one of a series of stories about Experiential Week, which gave students a chance to stretch in new directions. 

Video by C. Davis, T. Lucas and Team Red Bull (GoPro helmet cam)

Toni Lucas - Matthew Halton School Automotive Teacher Mr. Travis Epp had 24 kids from grades 7 - 12 make 9 boxcars in one week. These mechanical marvels were put together out of supplies from the automotive shop and woodworking class. Riders wore helmets as they plummeted down Police Avenue as fast as their carts could carry them. The road was closed off for the race, with EMS personnel on standby in case of any trouble. Bylaw officers Nigel Whittington and Gordon Pitt clocked the kids with the speed sentry. Events included speed trials, a slalom course, and turning and braking. 

Team Tonka
Not every cart made it through one run all the way to the bottom, but even during the worst crashes the worst injuries were bruised egos.

Some drivers required an extra push, some went off track entirely, and Reed of Team Bumblebee abandoned his vehicle to sprint down the hill. How he lost his shoe in the process is a mystery to me.

Team Bumblebee

In the speed trials Team Monster and Team Red Bull were each clocked at 33 km/h and had the chance to race each other at the same time.  For that one run both teams were on a steeper part of the hill than the earlier trials and would be relying on gravity rather than a push from teammates to start them off.  Team Red Bull got off to a better start and won the race.

Experiential learning week: First aid and photography on hand

The slalom was a challenge too difficult for some to contemplate.  The pylons got bruised. One team laid rubber when they stopped very quickly for the brakes challenge.

Original starting point

Boxcar teams:

  • Firebird - Jaslyn and Ewen
  • Bumblebee - Reed and Tanner
  • #19 - Colten, Jacoby and Tyler
  • Red Bull - Luke, Joel and Stuart
  • Tonka - Tomas, Devin, Jarret and Prabjot
  • Monster - Lachlan, Mac and Mitchel
  • #69 - Jack and Riley
  • Team Duct Tape - Tyler, Jeremy and Ben
  • Team Mario Cart - Zac and Derrick

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