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JV and Senior girls volleyball: Dragons host Eagles

Dragons vs Eagles
C. Davis photos, T. Lucas video
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

On the evening of October 30 the St. Michael's Girls JV and Senior Dragons volleyball teams hosted their counterparts the Immanuel Christian Eagles from Lethbridge.  This was to be the Dragons last home game of the season.  The JV game was played, but was automatically forfeited by the Dragons, as they have Senior players on their JV team.  The  Dragons won the Senior match.

The JV's took to the court first.   The first set the Dragons showed that they were on the ball.  Carlee Fitzpatrick demonstrated a flying serve that was quite effective.  The Dragons took the first set by a wide margin.

JV Dragons vs Eagles
The second set had the Eagles working the floor better than the previous set.   Chantel is #10 for the team, and she demonstrated again and again she would do what it took to get to the ball and keep it in play.  Nadine is #14 and she has impressive jump and a strong spike.  These helped allowing the Eagles to score 17 points to the Dragons 25 leaving the score 2 - 0 for the Dragons.  The teams played all three sets with the Eagles taking the final set 25 - 21.

The Senior teams took to the courts next.  The Dragons pulled ahead early, and the Eagles did not catch them.  The set ended 25 - 14 for the Dragons.  The second set was much tighter with several ties early in the set creating anticipation in the audience.  There were excellent serves from both sides of the net.  This was possibly the best match of the season that I attended in regards to clean consistent serves from both teams.  The Eagles soon pulled ahead and finished the set 25 - 16 for the Eagles, tying the match 1 - 1.

Dragons Josie Naumczyk lays down the law
In the third set the Dragons knew that they were in trouble halfway through.  The Eagles had found their stride and were stepping forward.  Eagles Erin Elgersma #1  worked the court well, and Jaclyn Duursma #16  would send some zinging serves in.  the Dragons lost the set 22 - 25.

Pause the game, let's do the swim!
In the fourth set the Dragons clawed it back, taking it 25 - 21, and tying the match 2-2.  It all came to who could score 15 points first.  The competition was strong between two excellently matched opponents.  The crowd was enthralled when it was a tie at ll points each.  The Dragons prevailed with a score of 15 - 13 bringing the score to 3 - 2 for the win and the delight of the crowd.

Dragons do-si-do after a successful point
The high quality of the serves on both sides of the net was remarkable.

"That was a close one," said Coach Tyler Speelman.  "It's been a lot of fun with these girls.  They have come leaps and bounds from where they started in grade 10.  Overall this is the most talented team I have had.  It's sad to see nine of them graduate.  It's nice right now," said Speelman.  "They're starting to really listen to us, as coaches.  We bring them into the time-out, we tell them to do something, and they do it.  That is a lot of experience, and maturity.  That is what our team has, because we have the nine grade 12's."

Dragons coaches Speelman and Holoboff
Part of that has to do with how well the girls communicate with each other.  "It has been fun, I must say," said Assistant Coach Lisa Holoboff.  She expressed that she believes both the JV team and the Senior team work so well together because they are such a tight knit group.  Holoboff plans to continue coaching next season.

Both Speelman and Holoboff said they were pleased with the level of respect that the players show to each other, visiting teams and coaching staff, and try to treat them with respect in return.

Next for the girls is playoffs in Claresholm on November 8 and 9.

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