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New Town of Pincher Creek Council sworn in

The new Council for the Town of Pincher Creek, October 28, 2013
T. Lucas photos

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

  • Swearing in Ceremony
  • Resident requests  interest on tax penalty to be waived
  • Anderberg to attend  Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade and Crowsnest Pass Christmas in the Mountains Parade on behalf of the Town of Pincher Creek
  • Council approves Dick Burnham to review Library financial statements
  • Electronic tools to be purchased for Councillors
  • Community Social Service Workers Appreciation Day, November 6
  • Unofficial appointment results of the Organizational Meeting
  • Photos: Pincher Creek's new Town Council
Piper Margaret Hanna

Before the meeting of Pincher Creek's newly elected and acclaimed Town Council  that occurred on Monday October 28, 2013, there was a gathering that was open to the public that allowed new and outgoing Council members and interested members of the public the chance to mix and mingle on an informal basis.  Many came to congratulate the new members of Council and to see the swearing in ceremony.  This was also a chance for new members of Council to meet CAO Laurie Wilgosh, Finance Officer Wendy Catonio, Recreation Manager Diane Burt-Stuckey,  Manager of Legislative Services Gus Kollee, and Director of Operations Al Roth, along with other administrative and operational Town staff members.

In Council Chambers

Swearing in Ceremony

The new members were piped into the Council Chambers by Animal Control Officer Margaret Hanna, followed by the flagbearers, Town of Pincher Creek Bylaw Officers Nigel Whittington with the flag of Canada and Gordon Pitt with the flag of Alberta.  Then the new mayor elect and council elect entered the council chamber.

There was a Swearing in Ceremony for the new Council officiated by CAO Laurie Wilgosh, assisted by officers Whittington and Pitt.  New Mayor Don Anderberg was sworn in, followed by each Councillor in turn. An organizational meeting followed (details below).

The newly sworn in members of Pincher Creek's Town Council included Mayor Don Anderberg and Councillors Adrian Hartman, Wayne Elliott, Mark Barber, Tammy Rubbelke, Lorne Jackson, and Douglas Thornton.

Video: Swearing in ceremony:

Photos: Your new Town Councillor

Mayor Don Anderberg

Councillor Tammy Rubbelke

Councillor Adrian Hartman

Councillor Douglas Thornton

Councillor Lorne Jackson

Councillor Mark Barber

Councillor Wayne Elliott


Resident requests  interest on tax penalty to be waived

Citizen David Tetachuk appeared before Council in regards to a Tax Penalty Interest matter.  According to Tetachuk he is the owner of Hot Property Real Estate, which has several properties around Pincher Creek and area and paid all of his taxes on time with the exception of one property.  Due to the timing of the purchase of this one property Tetachuk said that the paper work was delayed.  According to Tetachuk he talked to administration after he had received bills on all of his other properties, and that one was missing, having  been mailed to the previous owner.  He said that he was willing to pay for the taxes on the property, but when he approached Town administration to have a bill made both the amount and the name on the bill were incorrect, so it could not be processed by the financial firm that he uses.

Council listened to Tetechuk and Mayor Don Anderberg explained that the council would put the issue on an upcoming council meeting agenda so there would be time to investigate and review the matter.

Town of Pincher Creek to attend Fort Macleod and Crowsnest Pass winter ceremonies

Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade Committee has invited the Town of Pincher Creek to participate in their parade which is scheduled to happen on Saturday, November 30.  The theme for the 2013 event is 'Candy-land Christmas'.  Mayor Don Anderberg offered to attend.  Later in the same meeting Council heard that the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce has invited the Town of Pincher Creek to participate in the Christmas in the Mountains Parade on Saturday November 16, 2013 in the Crowsnest Pass.  This will be the first time this event is mounted, according to CAO Laurie Wilgosh.  Mayor Anderberg said that he tentatively could attend.

Council approved Anderberg's attendance at each of these events.

Council authorizes Dick Burnham to review Library financial statements

Every year the the Pincher Creek and District Municipal Library has their financial statement prepared and reviewed by an individual who is qualified, according to  guidelines specified within the Intermunicipal Agreement. The Council for the Town of Pincher Creek moved to authorize Registered Public Accountant Dick Burnham to review the statements.

Electronic tools to be purchased for Councillors

To assist the new council with their  duties required such as research, and communications including email, Council members reviewed whether to purchase new equipment for each member of the Council.

Trinus Technologies is the IT provider for the Town of Pincher Creek.  A representative from Trinus has prepared a listing of three options to assist Council in making a decision.  The options supplied ran to approximately $500.00 per Councillor.  Several Councillors chose to forgo this option as they have their own personal equipment, or equipment supplied by the Town previously that is still in working order.   Councillor Thornton did check that if he used his own equipment and that equipment failed over the duration of the term if he could then avail himself of the offer.   CAO Laurie Wilgosh said that yes, it was budgeted for each Councillor.

Mayor Anderberg and Councillors Rubbelke and Hartman requested the iPad option, Councillor Elliott requested a Windows tablet, and Councillors Thornton, Jackson, and Barber said that they were prepared to use systems they already in place.

Community Social Service Workers Appreciation Day November 6

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) sent information to the Town of Pincher Creek regarding Community Social Service Workers Appreciation Day that is to be celebrated on November 6, 2013.  Council voted unanimously to have  administration add this event to their annual proclamation list.

Appointments (unofficial) of the Organizational Meeting:

  • Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance - Tammy Rubbelke
  • Cemetery Committee - Wayne Elliott
  • Economic Development Committee - Adrian Hartman
  • Emergency Services Operational Committee - Don Anderberg, Doug Thornton
  • Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) - Tammy Rubbelke
  • Finance and Budget Committee - All of Council
  • Highway 3 Association -  Mark Barber
  • Intermunicipal Development Committee - Tammy Rubbelke, Wayne Elliott
  • Library Board and Chinook Arch - Lorne Jackson
  • Mayors and Reeves of Southwest Alberta - Don Anderberg and Deputy Mayor or available Councillors
  • Municipal Development and Subdivision Authority (MDSA) - Adrian Hartman, Tammy Rubbelke, Don Anderberg
  • Community Emergency Management Agency - Don Anderberg, Doug Thornton
  • Municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (MSDAB) - Lorne Jackson
  • Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) - Lorne Jackson
  • Pincher Creek Foundation Board - Lorne Jackson, Doug Thornton
  • Policy Review Committee - All Council
  • Property Review Committee - All Council
  • Recreation Advisory Board - Mark Barber
  • Recycle Committee - Adrian Hartman
  • Regional Landfill (Arms-length organization of Town, MD, Cowley, Crowsnest Pass) - Lorne Jackson, Doug Thornton
  • Waste Management Committee - Adrian Hartman
  • Community Safety Committee - Wayne Elliott

Mayor Don Anderberg said that because of the changes in the length of term of office the Deputy Mayor position will be changed from 6 months to eight month appointments.

Photo-bomber Roger McAdam 

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