Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peewee Mustangs Snow Bowl

Peewee Mustangs and Cochrane Rage at Matthew Halton field
C. Davis photos and video
Coach Tom Holobof, Contributor

Well sports fans, the Peewee Mustangs season came slip slidin' away with out of control fun today, October 27. The weatherman decided to snow on our parade, but did that stop the Peewee Mustangs and the Cochrane Rage? "No, bring it on!!" they screamed. No you could not see grass, no you could not feel fingers and toes, but that is how it goes with football in October. So with the snow came the Cochrane Rage and a snow bowl game to be played.

The Mustangs kicked off to the Rage to start the game, and after a couple of fumbles and bumbles the Rage took possession of the ball. They tried to run to the left, slipped into the grasp of catman Caleb Jones, they tried to the right only to fall into the mighty arms of Mathew The Giant Bruder. Gunner Trent Metcalfe and Tenacious Tegan Teneyche made many tackles from the outside linebacker position. Of course Richie The Hit Man Lagrandeur was flying around like superman making plays left right and centre. Any run up the middle by the Rage was met with distain by Gus The Meat Halibert, Tysen The Man Teneycke, Ty Real Deal Anderson and Nailer Nelz Vance. Ironman Curtis Giesbrecht and Even Hitman Malhi were making plays all over the field. The Rage did manage to find enough traction to score 4 touchdowns on the day.

Now if any of you have tried to catch a wet piglet, you know what it was like for all the players trying to hold onto the ball. Many times the ball was on the turf with a multitude of players sliding into the fray to find it. When the Mustangs did manage to hang on to the ball it was tough yards gained. Hands Grace Kirkness made a nice catch on a pass and some nice runs to the left, Isaac Spiderman Webb made some nice runs off the right corner, often just a step from breaking for big yards.

When in doubt, Cutter Lance Paleo and Ty Real Deal Anderson would follow the solid blocking of Justin Equalizer Nelson to run up the middle. Richie Hit Man Lagrandeur picked up many hard yards on broken plays. Bullet Brody Walter was relegated to wide receiver on this day, but sports fans keep your eyes on this talented young man in the future. At the end of the day, the Mustangs were able to move the ball at times but were not able to slide the ball into the promised land.

Justin 'Equalizer' Nelson
With memories made the game came to a close with the Rage winning the snow bowl 26 to Mustangs 0. Coach Tom told the Mustangs players it is not the nice sunny ordinary game you remember, it is the slip slidin' in the snow, the trials putting frozen pads on goal posts, the face full of snow after being tackled... that's what memories of Peewee football are made. The game was played, yes there were bumps and bruises, but no serous injuries, and it snowballed into a whole bunch of fun. With that another fun filled season of Mustangs Peewee football has come to a close. A huge thank you to all the other coaches and players that showed up to help with the Mustangs game.

Gus Halibert
If the weatherman co-operates the Mustangs will wrap the season with a skills competition next Saturday at high noon and then the awards banquet on November 9.

Football season always ends with a good clash followed by an awards bash...

Until next time this is Coach Tom reminding everyone that every day (even snow bowl days) is a great day for football.

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