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Policing in Alberta to October 28, 2013

RCMP press releases
  • Pincher Creek RCMP Media Summary, October 21-28, 2013
  • Missing High Prairie 15-year-old female located
  • Arrests made in Foothills relating to stolen firearms
  • RCMP Three Hills Fatal Collision
  • RCMP Investigating Fatal Collision near Clairmont
  • Bull shot by unknown culprit(s)
  • RCMP Red Deer City Public Safety Compliance Team checks on drinking establishments
  • Grande Prairie RCMP Weekend News Summary
  • Public advisory about male committing an indecent act in Beaumont
  • ITU Reminder for All Albertans about Safe Winter Driving

  • CBSA press release: Charges laid in gun smuggling case at Coutts

Pincher Creek RCMP Media Summary, October 21-28, 2013
The following is an overview of the nature of the complaints that the Pincher Creek Detachment received for the period of October 21-28, 2013.  Note that the summary indicates what was reported to the police and may not have been substantiated.
  • Total calls for service - 44
  • Break and Enter (commercial) -1
  • Fraud / Forgery -1
  • Uttering Threats - 1
  • Mischief (vandalism) - 3
  • Disturbing the Peace - 4
  • Driving complaints (general) -   1
  • Liquor offences -6
  • Suspicious occurrences (general) - 1
  • Assistance to General Public (general) - 1
  • Assistance to other agencies -10
  • 911 calls (invalid) - 1
  • Municipal Bylaws (barking dogs / noise / OHV) - 1
  • Prisoners held - 13

Missing High Prairie 15-year-old female located
15 year old Dominique BLOXOM who was reported missing from High Prairie, AB on October 9th, 2013 was located early this morning, Sunday October 27th, 2013 in Edmonton, AB  by members of the Edmonton Police Service.  The youth is now in the care of Child and Family Services  and the process to return her safely to her parents has begun.

Arrests made in Foothills relating to stolen firearms

On October 26, 2013, a search warrant was executed by the Okotoks RCMP. The warrant was granted following an investigation by High River and Okotoks members into Trafficking in Stolen Fireams in the rural Foothills region.

RCMP entered a farmhouse located on 48 street in the MD of Foothills in the early morning hours of Saturday,  October 26, 2013. As a result of this action four people were arrested and three are facing Criminal Code and drug charges.

Lindsey Charlton (33yrs) was arrested and is facing Trafficking in Stolen Property Charges and Possession of a Controlled Substance charge.
Tanner Moeskau (21yrs) was arrested and was charged with Possession of a Controlled substance, and 13 additional Warrants for his arrest were executed. These were from Multiple Police agencies.
Sharon Wright (45) was arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled substance.
A 4th person was arrested on scene and released without charges.

The stolen firearms recovered are believed to be amongst those stolen August 14th of this year from a private residence in Red Deer.

RCMP Three Hills Fatal Collision

Three Hills RCMP and the RCMP collision analyst responded to the scene of a fatal collision on Highway 21 near Range Road 250 yesterday morning, october 27, 2013.
At approximately 10:00 am  a collision occurred between a truck and a piece of heavy equipment at the intersection of Highway 27 and Range Road 250. Two people in the truck were pronounced deceased at the scene. Weather and road conditions are believed to be factors in this collision. Highway 21 was closed to facilitate the investigation, and traffic was rerouted around the scene.

RCMP Investigating Fatal Collision near Clairmont
The Grande Prairie RCMP are investigating a fatal collision that occurred on Saturday, October 26th at the intersection of Highway #2 and Township Road 724 near Clairmont, AB.
At approximately 04:30 p.m. a Nissan truck was crossing Highway #2 on TWP 724 and crossed in front of a southbound tanker truck. The tanker truck collided with the passenger side of the pickup truck.  The driver of the tanker truck was treated and released from hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the pick up truck was taken to the QEII hospital and treated there for minor injuries. The 15 year old female passenger of the pick up truck was transported to QEII hospital and then flown to Edmonton for further treatment. Unfortunately the 15 year old female died as a result of the injuries she sustained from the accident.
Traffic was disrupted at the intersection for a short time period while investigators assessed the scene and removed the vehicles from the roadway.
RCMP continue to look into the accident to complete the investigation.

Bull shot by unknown culprit(s)
Fort Vermilion RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect(s) involved in killing a bull. Sometime between 5:00 pm September 29th and 10:00 am September 30th a bull was shot through the eye at a rural land location near Tompkins Landing. The estimated value of the bull is $3500. A relatively uncommon round of ammunition has since been recovered, a .25 Winchester rifle bullet.  

RCMP ask the public to come forward if they have any information on this incident or are familiar with anyone with a firearm utilizing this type of ammunition as it would be a an uncommon firearm.

RCMP Red Deer City Public Safety Compliance Team checks on drinking establishments
Earlier this year the Red Deer Public Safety Compliance Team (PSCT) was formed to address concerns related to drinking establishments in the City of Red Deer. The team is both prevention and enforcement based and strives to improve the safety of staff and patrons as well as reduce the negative impact these establishments have on the Community.
PSCT is a partnership between the Red Deer City RCMP, Red Deer Emergency Services, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Red Deer Branch, the City of Red Deer Inspections and Licensing Department and Alberta Health Services. The Team works at reducing the instances of:
• over-serving of alcohol
• serving under aged people
• fire code violations
• exceeding occupancy limits
• escalating violence
On Friday October 25th, 2013, the PSCT checked thirteen local drinking establishments in the City of Red Deer. Members of the PSCT advise there has been a noticeable improvement to the businesses adhering to the rules and protocols compared to when the Team was first formed.
The PSCT will continue with unannounced inspections throughout the Year.

Grande Prairie RCMP Weekend News Summary
Between 4:00 p.m. Friday October 25, 2013 and 7:00 a.m. today, Monday October 29, 2013, the Grande Prairie RCMP received 234 reports and/or requests for service. Of which included:
1 Abandoned Vehicle
1 Animal Call
12 Assaults
18 Requests for Assistance (General Public, Other Agencies, Other Police)
3 Fail to Comply/Breach of Court Conditions
2 Break and Enters
5 Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
35 Disturb the Peace
11 Other Moving Traffic Violations
4 Other Non-Moving Traffic Violations
4 Fail to Remain at the Scene of Accident
17 False Alarms
1 Fraud
9 Impaired Drivers
3 Items lost or found
18 911 calls
7 Gaming and Liquor Act
16 Mischief
3 Municipal Bylaw
8 Thefts
2 Theft of Vehicles
8 Suspicious Person/Property/Vehicle
23 Collisions
1 Trespass Act
3 Utter Threats
19 Other (Criminal Code, Provincial Act, Municipal Bylaw)

Public advisory about male committing an indecent act in Beaumont

On Saturday, October 26, 2013, Beaumont RCMP officers received a complaint of an unidentified male which appeared to be committing an indecent act in the area of the Four Seasons Park in Beaumont.  Police patrols were conducted and the male was not located.

A group of pre-teen females reported to police that they had first seen the unidentified male, earlier in the afternoon, near the Aqua-fit Center on 50th Avenue acting suspiciously. They advised police that the male watched them for a while and walked by them twice without engaging them in any conversation. 

The females further advised police that they later saw the same male, at approximately 3:00 pm, near the Four Seasons Park area and that he was seen from a distance to be committing an indecent act.  The male left shortly thereafter when a jogger approached the area.

The male is described as being Caucasian, about 5'10", late 20's, skinny build with a belly roll at his waistline, oval face with a pointy chin, glasses, black ball cap and possibly balding.  He was wearing a black sweater (possibly a hoodie style), white T-shirt, dark jeans and carrying a black satchel or "man purse" with a single shoulder strap.

The details of the act are being withheld at this time as this matter is currently under investigation.

Police advise that this matter appears to be an isolated incident as no similar events have been reported.

The Beaumont RCMP is seeking the public help for any information about this incident or the identity of the male. 

ITU Reminder for All Albertans about Safe Winter Driving.

With parts of Alberta experiencing the first snowfall of winter, Superintendent Howard Eaton, Officer in Charge of “K” Division Traffic Services and Superintendent James Stiles, Deputy Director Alberta Traffic Sheriffs are taking this opportunity to offer the following tips on how to make the transition from dry pavement driving to winter driving conditions, a little easier. 

“Some drivers are unprepared for the annual transition from the dry pavement of summer to winter driving conditions that can include, snow and slush covered highways, black ice and blizzards” says Supt. Eaton. “This first snowfall is a reminder and an opportunity to get prepared for winter driving, which means preparing our vehicles and adjusting our driving”

Supt. Stiles, with the Alberta Sheriffs agrees, “Most Albertans do take the time to prepare their vehicles and modify their driving habits to accommodate for winter driving conditions, but for those who need a reminder we offer the following tips.”

Winter Driving Tips: 

A previous winter storm on Highway #2 near Airdrie, Alberta
The Alberta government and its highway maintenance contractors work hard to keep Alberta's highways clear and open to traffic during the winter. However, some severe storms exceed their ability to keep highways free of snow and ice. This may be caused by the amount of snow, timing or duration of the storm, high winds, freezing rain or a combination of all of these factors.  Road closures are at the discretion of Alberta Government in consultation with enforcement partners.  (adapted from Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Assoc.  Safer Winter Highways:  Fact Sheet)
Slow down when highway conditions are not ideal. The posted speed limit is intended for ideal road conditions. Even if the posted speed is 110 km/h, that doesn’t mean you should travel at that speed if road conditions or visibility are poor.  Motorists have a legal obligation to drive according to road conditions. You can be charged with a traffic offence if you drive too fast for the conditions.
Unless travel is absolutely necessary, stay off the roads during major storms.  If you must travel, plan to take the safest, shortest route possible and ensure you have your winter emergency kit in the vehicle.  
Keep your headlights on all the time - don’t rely on daytime running lights. Low beams are more effective than high beams in fog or heavy snow conditions.  Also, turning on your headlights will activate your tail lights making you more visible from behind.
Ensure your vehicle is in a safe mechanical condition.   It is not recommended to travel in winter conditions if your vehicle is equipped with summer tires.  Traction is of the utmost importance.
Never use cruise control in winter conditions.  Avoid sudden moves by anticipating turns or lane changes. Abrupt changes in direction or slamming on the brakes could cause you to spin out of control.

On a wet or slick surface, allow yourself at least three times the normal following distance to stop.

Remember that bridge decks may be slippery even when other parts of the highway are not, since they are subject to greater temperature fluctuations.
Know your braking system and how it reacts on ice. Always be gentle with braking pressure on slick roads.
For your comfort, safety and peace of mind, you should carry an emergency road kit in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo space. Pack or replenish these supplies:
• blanket or sleeping bag
• extra clothing and footwear
• emergency non-perishable food
• candle in a deep tin
• waterproof matches
• first aid kit
• flashlight with extra batteries
• fire extinguisher
• booster cables
• ice scraper
• snow brush
• paper towels or rags
• road map
• compass
• sand, road salt or kitty litter, and
• shovel
·   ensure your cell phone is charged
Supt. Eaton recommends checking the Official Road Reports at before traveling on Alberta highways as conditions can change significantly across the province.
Integrated Traffic Units consist of RCMP Traffic Services members and Sheriff Highway Patrol officers working together in a collaborative effort to deliver effective and efficient traffic safety services to Albertans, with a focus on identified enforcement priorities.

Charges laid in gun smuggling case at Coutts

Canadian Border Services Agency*

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has laid three criminal charges following a gun smuggling incident at the port of Coutts, Alberta.

On October 23, 2013, a 43-year-old woman was travelling to Alaska with a concealed semi-automatic firearm. She was arrested by CBSA officers and turned over to the CBSA’s Criminal Investigations Section.

Lana Gail Bradley faces two counts under the Customs Act and one count under theCriminal Code. She was arrested and later released on a $4,000 bond. She will appear in Lethbridge Provincial Court on December 6, 2013.

“Once again our officers have shown their expertise in contraband detection,” said Lauren D. Delgaty, Regional Director General for the CBSA, Prairie Region. “This sends a strong signal to all travellers that we are determined to uphold ours laws at our borders for the safety of Canadians.”

The CBSA reminds travellers that they are required to declare all goods they are bringing into Canada, including any firearms and weapons in their possession. Failure to declare goods (including firearms) and other Customs Act contraventions may lead to prosecution in a court of law.

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