Monday, October 28, 2013

Random acts of kindness, noticed

Toni Lucas, Comment, Pincher Creek Voice

Yesterday, I had several random acts of kindness come my way.  Like the sunshine breaking through the clouds on a gloomy day they added warmth and light.  That warmth and light gave me the chance to look at things with a heightened perspective.  The people involved may not have known how deeply they impacted my day.  Indeed, they may not be aware that they impacted me at all.

A young man on a bench smiled at me then moved over to make room for me to place my self, and my gear.  A small thing that made my day better.  It also made me decide to take stock and really notice  all the positive interactions I was to have during the whole of my day.

Many people that saw me during the course of their day took a moment to nod, smile, or say hello.  Some stopped to talk to me for a few moments, and much of what they had to say was kind.  One couple took no offence when I had to leave suddenly in the middle of a conversation to accomplish my job.  That is appreciated too.

Some people took time from what they were doing to help me achieve my goals.  One scorekeeper at a game would occasionally lift the tally and show it in a semi-circle so those to either side of him could also now the score without moving, a thoughtful touch.  The sacred act of breaking bread was symbolized by a bag of precious popcorn offered freely to others, including me.  A personal moment of one of these momentary acts came from my niece, who I see too infrequently.  Thank you Sam.  The two minutes of time you took for me helped sunshine stream the window of my soul that day.

I was put in a no win situation of two simultaneous photo opportunities in two different areas.  With what I do, I am in that situation at least three times a week.  One photo I would not be able to get from anyone else, and one I personally wanted to take.  Seeing Coach Speelman pulled away by the referee, I believed the Dragons photo would be delayed and I would be able to get both.   I made a choice.  I was wrong about the timing, and a photo that I dearly wanted to take myself I missed by seconds.  I could see the group scattering as I entered the door on the far side of the room.  I was offered a copy of that photo from someone who did get to capture the moment.  That act of kindness lessened the sting of missing the moment, even if I didn't get to enjoy and share in that special time.

A shared car ride made my day easier, and made it possible for me to do many things that I would not have gotten accomplished otherwise.  Thank you, Reverend Woodard.  Your kindness impacted my day in a very substantial way.  On the road throughout the day there were many drivers that drove well, followed the rules, were attentive and courteous.  When that is not the case, it can have an impact that can destroy lives and shakes communities.

My family is scattered from Pincher Creek to Yellowknife and now as far as Germany.  Many of them touched base with me yesterday and reminded me that physical distance does not lessen their love for me.

Thank you.  I love you all, even if we see each other infrequently.

Most of these efforts that came my way yesterday did not take much effort from the person who gave them.  A smile, a door held open, a note.  Many are just the acts of common courtesy or thoughtfulness that we like to think are part of day to day life, but have been downsized in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Most importantly, Chris recognized that I am important and celebrated me in a loving and appreciative style from the moment he awoke to when I went to bed.  This would be easy to take for granted because he attempts to do this in little ways every day.  Thank you sweetheart.

Was October 26th so very different than any other day?  Yes and no.  Many of these things examples happen regularly for me, and I hope that kindnesses happen to everyone else.  The main difference is that I really took the time to notice them and appreciate them for what they are.  Special gifts from one person to another.  A door held open, a smile, a thoughtful gesture on the road of life to the other car in passing.  They are the sunshine, the breathtaking sunset that is there, if one wants to raise their head and notice them.

I hope that in return I also impact other people's days in a positive way, brighten their outlook and add a moment of cheer or thoughtfulness.

~Toni Lucas

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  1. Anonymous28/10/13

    I will make a moderate comment and then it will be pre-moderated! Glad to here you had a great day yesterday. We often look for big things to happen in our life and they do for some people but most of us need to get our 'kicks' from the little things in life that happen on an almost daily basis. I enjoyed your little story. Beau


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