Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bottles help make math fun at St. Michael's School

Kate Conley discovers how many 500 ml bottles it takes to fill a 2 L bottle
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

St. Michael's students had fun with math class while prepping for their Trickster Theater residency that begins on Monday during Friday, November 29.  The school has chosen a plastic water battle theme and recycling for their Trickster residency that happens December 2 - 6.  The small gym had water bottles that the students brought in, and ones that had been donated by the Pincher Creek Recycling Center.

Nico Charette and Solomon Cooley working at math

The students had do a number of math problems based on estimations, volumes, length, and numeric questions.  Questions were posted around the room, and groups had to move to different stations and solve the puzzles.   They ranged from 'How many 500 ml water bottles does it take to go across the gym?' to 'If there are 2,735 people in Pincher Creek that recycle 200 water bottles a year, how many bottles get recycled in one year?'.

Grades 4, 5, and French immersion 4/5 working together

Students from kindergarten to grade 5 participated in the exercise.  "It's great to see the students pumped to do math," said teacher Manon Dyck.

Take it to the halfway mark, then multiply by 2!

"The kids are pretty excited about the concept," said drama teacher Diane Smith.  This is the first time that St. Michael's will be having a residency through Trickster. The bottles will be recycled after the play, with the money collected from the students bottles going toward Philippine Hurricane relief efforts.

Joshua Valcourt, Fiona Fitzpatrick, and Amelia VanBustle
from k
indergarten class found that math can be fun, and useful

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