Friday, November 1, 2013

Chinook Multi Club begins new 4-H year

Justin Nelson, Club Reporter, Chinook 4-H Multi Club 

At our first 4-H meeting we have seen some new faces.

We have a new executive which consist of our new President Jillanna Hammond, Vice president Brooke Hammond, Secretary Jaxon Hammond, Treasurer Taylor Deley, Historian Shawn Hammond and Logan Deley, Reporter Justin Nelson, District Rep Cadence Sinnott and alternate Justin Nelson.

Chinook Multi Club President Jillana Hammond
C. Davis file photo

Our new general leader is Myra Hammond  who last year was an assistant leader. Assistant Leaders Jeremy Nelson who came back for another year and Dixon Hammond.

Projects that we are doing this year are as follows:

  • Swine is a club were you learn to feed and care for a pig to make it market ready and at achievement day you get to sell it. 
  • Small Engines is were you learn about the engines and the dangers of them you also get to fix a small engine. 
  • Poultry is where your learn about and raise a chicken. 
  • Shooting Sports is were you learn safety of guns and you get to shoot them. 

We are looking at a Money Matters/entrepreneur project, details yet to come.

Watch for us at upcoming events.

For more info about Chinook 4-H Multi club contact Myra or Dixon Hammond at 403-627-2801, or Jeremy Nelson at 403-627-4372

Chinook Multi Club Reporter Justin Nelson

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