Monday, November 25, 2013

Novice Chinooks defeat Magrath in hometown thriller

2013 Novice Chinooks
C. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis, Sports

Pincher Creek's Novice Chinooks hosted Magrath at the MCC arena on Saturday morning November 23 for what turned out to be the most exciting local game of the weekend.  The Chinooks were in top form and Magrath proved to be a very worthy adversary in a game that ended with the Chinooks victorious 6-4.

Goaltending on both ends was top notch, with a tip of the hat to Chinooks  #3 Eric Radvak.

Chinooks #4 Drew Stuckey steers the puck towards Magrath's net

Chinooks #4 Drew Stuckey was another notable player, digging in hard right form the beginning and scoring the first goal of the game, unassisted in the first couple of minutes of the first period.  It was his only goal, but his contributions were many throughout the game. Magrath's #8 Rushton Ripley scored at the 13:43 mark, assisted by #12 Hunter Sloan.  That was followed by another Magrath goal, this time by #6 Easton Olson, unassisted, with 8:45 remaining in the period.  This was the first of three unassisted goals for Olsen, a major talent.  It was 2-1 Magrath at the end of the first.

Chinooks #12 Jaydon Draper tied it up 2-2 with a nice rebound at the 16:05 mark of the second period, assisted by #2 Lane Conley.  Then something uncorked the scoring monster that is Chinooks #28 Mayz Vance, who popped the puck in twice in a row unassisted, bringing the score to 4-2 for the Chinooks.  With 2:34 left in the period Easton Olson scored his second goal of the game for Magrath.  The score stood at 4-3 Chinooks at the end of the period.

Both teams played full out in the third, to a draw until Mayz Vance scored again for the Chinooks five minutes in, her third unassisted goal of the game.  5-3.  Easton Olson answered that with another goal for Magrath three minutes on the nose later, 5-4 and a hat trick for Olson.  Back and forth went the puck, neither team letting up the pressure.  With only 25.23 seconds left in the game Mayz Vance added one more goal to her growing resume, and at the final buzzer it was 6-4 Chinooks.

Hat trick plus one for Mayz Vance, tremendous team efforts on both sides of the rink, a terrific game from beginning to end.

That makes two wins, two losses, and one tie for the Novice Chinooks so far this season.  This was their last scheduled home game before the Christmas break (remembering that hockey schedules are highly subject to change).

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