Friday, November 8, 2013

Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club holds elections

Silver Reins Club Reporter Jessie Terpstra
T. Lucas photo
Jessie Terpstra, Club Reporter, Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club

Hi!  My name is Jessie Terpstra and I am the club reporter for the Pincher Creek Silver Reins 4-H Light Horse Club.

Silver Reins had elections on September 28th, 2013.  These are the people who were elected:

  • President- Janet Taylor 
  • Vice – President- Taylor Wells
  • Secretary- Megan McGlynn
  • Treasurer- Sydney Bruder
  • Parliamentarian- Alex Russell
  • Club Reporter- Jessie Terpstra
  • Historian- Sommer Hagley
  • District Rep- Danielle Hann
  • Alternate District Rep- Brooke Hammond
  • General Leader- Joanne Wells
  • Assistant General Leader- Joyce Taylor
  • Leaders- Linda Hammond, Theresa Hann, Shawn Wells, Yvonne Terpstra
  • Parent Advisory- Margo Russell, Pharis Family, Nanette Turnbull, Lesley Bruder

In our 4-H club we have 15 members in total.

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