Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trade careers showcased at St. Michael's School

Jennifer Sundberg, Pat Neumann, Mike Bates, Kyle Williams, Tori Bailer, Randy Wittkopf, Sonny Richards, Jason Bruns and Jeremy Nelson talked to grades 6 - 8.
T. Lucas photo

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

A number of area citizens participated in the St. Michael's School Teacher Assisted Class (TAC) on November 29.  Students from grades 6 - 8 attended a lecture and question and answer period where people from a number of different trades explained what they do.

Some of the aspects of the class covered what their job entails, what the job requirements are, and where you can find jobs in their chosen field.  The TAC program tries to showcase different careers with the help of interested professionals in the community.  In the month of October they invited representatives from the field of health care.

Guests representing work in the trades  included Jennifer Sundberg representing EMS roles, electrician Pat Neumann, plumber Mike Bates, construction worker Kyle Williams, aesthetician Tori Bailer, truck driver Jason Bruns, locksmith and former RCMP officer Sonny Richards, automotive technician Jeremy Nelson, and  Randy Wittkopf who talked about transitioning positions from trades to managerial within his field.

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