Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Understanding Family Violence Conference held in Pincher Creek

Prepping for the conference - Front - Gail Strikes With A Gun, and Stacey Grier
and back - Julie Coleman and Rose Murfin preparing information packages
T. Lucas photos

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

The Understanding Family Violence conference was held in Pincher Creek at the Ranchland Mall on Thursday, November 14.   The conference was well attended by social workers, health care professionals, and people who had a professional or personal interest.

The conference was designed to present  information to the public and also to gather information to improve services and move forward with education and help create local action plans that could serve the individuals within the community.  The conference was put together by the Domestic Violence Action Team (DVAT), Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter, and Kainai Women's Wellness Lodge, with the support of many other services and organizations.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Leslie Tutty from the University of Calgary.  She granted an interview after her speech that can be found at this link: Understanding Family Violence - an interview with Dr. Leslie Tutty.

There was networking, group discussions, and a presentation called 'Threading, Stitching and Storytelling'.  This project was a way of to help aboriginal women who have been the target of abuse touch base with their heritage and find support within a group setting that included local elders while making traditional shawls that helped symbolize their individual journeys.

These woman had been accepted to participate in the project by the Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter and Kainai Women's Wellness Lodge.  A number of women who participated in the project showed their shawls and talked about the symbolism within the designs they had made and about what the project and the help they received meant to them.

A display of traditional shawls

The conference ended by breaking up into discussion groups that had the participants working together to address the concern of why we as individuals and as a society accept domestic violence.

If you are in immediate danger call 911
Alberta Council of Women's Shelters
Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter 403-627-2114 Toll Free Number:  1-888-354-4868
Kainai Women's Wellness Lodge Crisis phone: 403-653-3946

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