Monday, December 30, 2013

Double wins for Blades over Chinooks

Atom Chinooks vs Picture Butte Blades
C. Davis photos and videos
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Pincher Creek's Novice and Atom Chinooks hockey teams hosted their Picture Butte counterparts at the MCC arena on Sunday, December 29.  In both games victory went to the Blades by a significant margin.

Novice Chinooks vs Picture Butte Blades

Novice Chinooks vs Picture Butte Blades
One of the biggest highlights of this game for me was watching Chinooks #11 Dax Vance filling the difficult goaltender role for the first time.  He picked a doozie of a game to be debuting that position, as much of it was played out in front of and at his net.  Trial by fire!

Chinooks rocket #4 Drew Stuckey scored all of their goals, 4 in total, unassisted.

The Blades demonstrated some fine teamwork and offensive abilities, which were reflected on the scoreboard as much by the variety of team members scoring and assisting as it was by the amount of goals they amassed.  They keep up the chatter, and that really worked in their favour on this day.   Top scorer for the Blades was #13 Rylan Holm with 4 goals and an assist.

Atom Chinooks vs Picture Butte Blades

Rylan Bruns scores for Atom Chinooks
The Blades dominated the first half of this game, and by the time the Chinooks started to bring their A game in the second half the  gap proved to be more than they could overcome.  That didn't stop them from giving it their best effort.

The Blades racked up a lot of penalties, 7 in total compared to 2 for the Chinooks.  That started to hurt them midway through the game, bu in general they proved to be very good at penalty killing.

Top scorer for the Chinooks was #17 Rylan Bruns with 5 goals.  Chinooks #2 Alex Comeau was a phenomenon, firing it up regularly and earning a hat trick.  #15 Cade Ames likewise had a very good game, digging in throughout and scoring twice.  Corbin Litchfield and Logan Deley each earned assists.

Top scorer for the Blades was #9 Logan Hillaby with 10 goals and 4 assists. #14 Tyler Maslen scored 4 goals, and #8 Jake Roggensack scored once.

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