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Lundbreck author Chris Hoare releases latest novel

Author Chris Hoare with a selection of his books
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Lundbreck author Christopher Hoare has tackled a new writing project. 'Steam and Strategem' is the first book in a new series for Hoare. He has previously written a number of fantasy novels, and has now created a fictionalized history set during the late Napoleonic War circa 1814.

In this version of history, famed railway and locomotive designer George Stevenson had a daughter, rather than the son that he had in real life. Roberta Stephenson is the daughter of the ‘Father of Railways’.  Through her experience, education and abilities, Roberta becomes the manager and designer at her father’s steamship yard on the Clyde in Glasgow.

Set in the age of steam during a war that raged over much of Europe, this fictional woman is portrayed as intelligent, fierce, and independent at a time before women were considered equals to men. A keen designer she has created steam powered rams that may change the fate of the war. Roberta understands intrigue and strategy and she will play a key role in the war effort if her romantic life and three suitors do not interfere with her opportunities.  In a time of international and industrial secrets, Roberta must choose who she can trust to share her life with. 

A prolific writer, Hoare takes joy from writing strong female characters into his novels. "I am rather fond of depicting strong and clever young women, especially when I can portray them in desperate situations that they handle better than their male superiors,"  he explained.  "I like writing novels about realities my readers can enjoy in the guise of dashing adventurers, loyal comrades, lovers, or pledged sovereigns. I hope they find there the spark that brings them to realize greater dreams of their own."

Hoare was born just before World War II in England. He has had a wide range of education and life experience that comes through in the technical aspects of his writing. "Operating a steam plant has been one of my varied waypoints," said Hoare.

Previously published Hoare titles include Rast, Visiting Pemberly, Steaming to Romance, Mindstream, and the Iskander Series: Arrival, Masquerade, Iskander’s Wildcat, Target Skrona, Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship, In Harm’s Way, Deadly Enterprise, The Wildcat’s Victory, The Wildcat’s Burden.

'Steam and Strategem' was published in November.  It and other books by Hoare are available on Amazon, Chapters, Smashwords, or directly through the author who can be contacted at

Steam and Stategem cover
Chris Hoare

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